Marketing Projects

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Abound Lifestyle

Company Description: We design and curate home décor products for modern women and their families to create a positive and relaxing living environment. Unlike other home product brands, we consciously design and choose products that have physical or mental health benefits to their users.

Assignment: Marketing Management for A Fast-growing eCommerce Startup

  • Product development: help the company to research on emerging product trends and product development ideas based on current customer demographics and product positioning;

  • Social media strategy: work with the management team and develop a road map and social media strategy to maximize customer reach and engagement;

  • Social media operations: manage the company's social media accounts and website (originate, edit, post content, and track engagement based on the strategy outlined) as well as grow the followership;

  • Influencer marketing: work with the management team to plan, identify, liaise, negotiate, and work with influencers from A-Z on various marketing campaigns.

Deliverable:  Market research report, strategy deck, and day-to-day operations.

Company Description: Adaface is a skill assessment platform for identifying qualified developers accurately by using an intelligent chatbot with in-built code editor.

Assignment: Digital Marketing Project 
Assist Marketing team with daily operations and SEO and content marketing

Deliverable: 1-page report on the impact created


Company Description: Avvanz is gold medal award winning global Background Screening and an Approved Training Organization in Singapore.


Assignment 1: Content Writer
We are looking to hire a dedicated Content Writer to create content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website. The Content Writer's responsibilities include evaluating analytics to adjust content as needed, regularly updating the company's website, and promoting the company blog by pitching articles to various third-party platforms. You should also be able to follow editorial guidelines when creating content.


Content Writer Responsibilities:

  • Conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics to develop original content.

  • Developing content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website.

  • Assisting the marketing team in developing content for advertising campaigns.

  • Proofreading content for errors and inconsistencies.

  • Editing and polishing existing content to improve readability.

  • Creating compelling headlines and body copy that will capture the attention of the target audience.

  • Identifying customers’ needs and recommending new content to address gaps in the company's current content.

Content Writer Requirements:

  • Have content writing or copywriting experience.

  • Working knowledge of content management systems.

  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.

  • A few published articles.

  • Excellent writing and editing skills.

  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

  • The ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.

  • Effective communication skills.

Assignment 2: Social Media Specialist

We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Social Media Specialist to join our creative team. You will be responsible for creating social media campaigns and the day-to-day management of the company’s social media properties. Your passion for social media as a communications tool will result in the adoption and implementation of social media best practices across all social media channels.
The successful candidate will be an excellent communicator, a versatile creative writer, and a team player. You will be an active participant in data collection and analyses to consistently improve the company’s social media practices over time.

Social Media Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Developing social media content plans that are consistent with the company’s brand identity.

  • Creating consistent, meaningful content on all social media platforms, including writing, and editing social media posts, improving customer engagement, and promoting social media campaigns.

  • Managing a high volume of daily social media posts.

  • Communicating with social media followers, including responding to queries in a timely manner.

  • Developing and managing social influencer programs and attending social influencer events.

  • Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite Pro, and Facebook Insights to monitor and evaluate the company’s social media presence and performance.

  • Preparing monthly reports on social media marketing efforts.

  • Suggesting recommendations to adjust the social media marketing strategy for optimal results.

  • Staying up to date on best practices and emerging trends in social media.

Social Media Specialist Requirements:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and must have a thorough understanding of social media management and strategy.

  • With some Experience using various analytics software.

  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  • Multi-tasking and time-management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment specialist

Assignment 3: PPC Specialist

We are looking for an experienced PPC Specialist to contribute to the planning, implementation, and optimization of online marketing duties. The PPC Specialist responsibilities include promoting products or services through digital platforms, creating marketing strategies, and monitoring the online presence of the company.
To be a successful PPC Specialist, you should have some knowledge of marketing and technology best practices. You should be educated on how to use the internet to increase sales. Finally, an effective PPC Specialist will need to be tech-savvy and create innovative marketing campaigns.

PPC Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Managing PPC campaigns, monitoring reports, and ROI.

  • Writing SEO copy for the website.

  • Measuring the performance of campaigns through web analytics tools (Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc.).

  • Creating innovative content using SEO keywords.

PPC Specialist Requirements:

  • With some working experience related to PPC.

  • Broad experience with SEO and PPC.

  • Understanding of digital marketing concepts.

  • Knowledge of web analytics tools.

  • Content and creative writing skills.

  • Excellent communication skills.

Assignment 4: Sales Specialist

We are searching for an innovative Sales Specialist with a great analytical mind to join our team. The Sales Specialist will be tasked with leading the sales team and providing training to new hires, performing in-depth market research, preparing sales forecasts and advertising budgets, as well as updating existing marketing strategies. You should also be able to amend sales policies and make recommendations for business growth.
To be successful as a Sales Specialist, you should be able to explain product and service specifications clearly and concisely. Top candidates have excellent problem-solving and people skills.

Sales Specialist Responsibilities:
• Conducting market research and sharing findings with the team.
• Working alongside the team to draw up strategies to increase customer base.
• Helping the team in meeting sales targets and crafting incentives.
• Maintaining excellent relationships with customers that are built on trust.

Sales Specialist Requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business or similar.
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
• Ability to think on your feet.
• Excellent customer service and leadership skills.
• Strong networking abilities.
• Ability to diagnose problems and find solutions.
• Strong degree of diplomacy and the ability to work with a range of different people.
• Ability to remain professional.
• Willingness to work overtime when required.


Company Description: BankersLab is an innovator in the development and delivery of strategic learning in the financial services industry. We offer gamified and simulation-based training – known as “flight simulators for bankers”. We are hiring in response to our rapid pivot from workshop to online learning delivery. We operate in over 25 countries, and have faculty and staff around the world. You’ll be exposed to a global B2B operation in the financial sector. 

Assignment: Measuring Social Media Impact

  • You will work with two global experts in overhauling our social media messaging, content and formats.

  • In your project, you will create content, but more importantly learn to track the key KPIs indicators of their impact. 

  • You’ll track google analytics, impressions, views, and other indicators to analyze the effectiveness of the social media outreach. 

Deliverable: Showcase the impact of our social media activities on these measurable KPIs. 


Note: These two are 3-month assignments. Part-time commitment is allowed, with minimum 3 days per week.

Company Description: Chinaccelerator helps the best internet startups cross borders in Asia and China. We are one of six global accelerators under SOSV which has AUM USD 740M+ with programs in cross-border Internet, hardware, synthetic biology, food tech and blockchain. Together we’re one of the world’s leading early stage investment firms. Our mission is to “make the impossible inevitable”.


We have a fun and open shared office with our startups with plenty of free drinks and beer, and it’s also where we host our weekly community events. By joining Chinaccelerator’s team of investors, founders and sector experts you will work directly with our startup community and be exposed to a wide-range of businesses and business leaders.

Assignment 1: Measuring Social Media Impact

  • Run research about Asian startups, Internet and VC industry.

  • Cultivate relationships with Asian startup founders and investors.

  • Work with the design team on the visual design for blog articles.

  • Help with content creation, including podcast production and written content.

  • Assist with event promotion across different social channels.


  • You are a doer, hardworking, enthusiastic, proactive and take initiative, smart.

  • You are keen to learn more about startups, Internet and venture capital.

  • You are open to learn and try new things.

  • You believe in owning your own task and responsibilities.

  • You have past working / internship experience in marketing & PR.

  • You believe in the power of content marketing and have experience in writing long form content.

  • You are very familiar to some Southeast Asian or South Asian countries and can understand at least one local language (preferred).

Deliverable 1: The company will inform selected candidates about the deliverable.

Assignment 2: Designing Project

  • Draw and design templates for printed ads and digital ads, as well as article template

  • Assist in designing the overall visual effect

  • Design social media posts and execution of project in other countries

  • Maintenance of webpage (requires HTML knowledge)

  • Familiar with Wechat design


  • Familiar with Microsoft Office (Especially PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PhotoImpact

  • Able to communicate in Chinese and English

  • Have some sense of aesthetic

  • You are a doer, hardworking, enthusiastic, proactive and take initiative, smart.

  • Able to work in team and have good communication skills.

Deliverable 2: The company will inform selected candidates about the deliverable.


Company Description: Edufied is a Blockchain-based Document Storage & Verification System that allows Issuers from Academic, Professional or Government agencies to issue e-credentials with ease, preventing any fake certificates/claims from happening. The system also improves work efficiency by reducing the amount of admin work like attending to call-in verification or document reprint request.
For recipients, they will be given an academic & training passport to store and share their documents & credentials securely and easily, PROVIDING THE LAST MILE VALIDATION.

Group Assignment: Market Research Project 

  • To list the potential clients in SEA that might require the use of Document Issuance and Verification system. These will be industry-based list.

Deliverable: Word report on research findings as well as bringing new perspectives and solutions to old or existing problems within the company

Farquhar VC

Company Description: Farquhar VC (FVC) is a Singapore-based early stage venture capital firm specialising in Seed to Series A startups in the Food tech, Industry 4.0 and Digital Media sectors within Southeast Asia.

Assignment: Market Research & Analytics Project

  • Conduct market research on the Chinese venture capital and deep tech investments scene, particular in the Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen ecosystems

  • Conduct market research on Chinese government grants and policies relating to innovation, startups and funding

  • Conduct market research and provide figures on the hottest sectors and verticals for investment in China

Deliverable: Research report and presentation decks

Project Full!

Company Description: HedgeSPA provides a cloud-based core investment platform that protects institutional portfolios against severe portfolio drawdowns, makes asset allocations under reasonable market scenarios and helps select the most likely winning assets in recovering markets.

Assignment: Economic/Business Analyst

  • Effectively identify and analyze scenarios for clients to stress test their portfolios.

  • Develop and maintain close co-operation with other risk and support functions.

  • Creating a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities and solutions for a business.

  • Defining business requirements and reporting them back to stakeholders.

Deliverable: To write, edit and publish reports on market developments and other issues relevant to the financial industry.

Movel AI

Company Description: Movel AI delivers human-like precision and movements to robots; combining sensor fusion, vision and machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies. The robotics startup building AI-based autonomous navigation software for robots was founded in December 2016 and is backed by 500 Startups, SGInnovate and Enterprise Singapore.

Assignment: Marketing Project
Students will work closely with marketing team to market the company products into different markets. Students will also use different social media platform to increase the outreach of the company.

Deliverable: Develop marketing materials and show significant improvement in the company’s impression on different social media platforms.

Project Full!

Company Description: PenguinSmart is enabling intelligent, individualized rehab therapy for all, starting with online speech & language support for children. Founded by Harvard & MIT alumni, our team combines the latest data sciences with expert insights to empower caregivers to become a key part of their loved ones' rehab journey.

Assignment: Content Creation Project

  • Create content, distribute and curate

Deliverable: Word report/ PPT presentation.

Requirement: Good at both Mandarin and English


Company Description: Plexxie is a Creative & Social Media Marketing Agency that connects people and brands in meaningful & impactful ways. Experts in building a loyal online community for brands, we believe in creating experiences that drive your business forward. We offer social media marketing and content creation services to F&B, Edutainment & Cultural Organisations.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Graphic designing for our social media retainer clients

Deliverable: Post designs to be submitted in .JPG and working files (if needed)

Prive Technologies

Company Description: As a critical partner to the financial industry worldwide, we enable you to realize the full potential of digital business. We believe that every company has its strengths. Our modular concept offers you innovative digital tools and services to increase these strengths digitally. A tailored solution made simple.

Assignment: Marketing Project

Students are required to create marketing content as well as content scheduling

Deliverable: PowerPoint presentation and showcase of content created

Project Full!
Reactor School

Company Description: Reactor School was founded with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, learn and create with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop academically and personally to the highest level.

Assignment: Market research and Analysis

  • Collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative information from internal and external sources, including:

    • Market condition/environment evaluation and analysis.

    • Measurement of current and forecasting of future market activities and customer trends.

    • New market identification, competitor analysis and business intelligence.

  • Execute customer research to better understand customers, and establish marketing insight for development of marketing strategy. This will include customer segmentation, targeting and positioning and customer satisfaction research.

  • Responsible for interpreting data, formulating reports and making recommendations based upon research finding. Convert data and findings into understandable tables, graphs, and written reports.

  • Design or assist in the development of questionnaires to ensure necessary data is captured.

  • Carry out customer and market research processes including hypothesis development, design of research methods and analysis, strategic analysis and action planning.

  • Conduct market research fieldwork including the following:

    • Meeting research requirements, standards, and schedules

    • Conducting face-to-face or phone interviews to collect raw data

    • Guiding respondents through questionnaires

    • Recording and interpreting information provided by respondents.

  • Maintain a database of market and competitor data as a source of accurate and up-to-date information for market studies.


  • Market Research Report 

  • Recorded Presentation of Findings of Market Research Report 

Stories of Asia

Company Description: We are a media storytelling company in Singapore that is passionate about sharing inspiring success stories across Asia.

Assignment: Content Creation Project
Edit videos and write articles as per company needs

Deliverable: Production of videos and articles

Project Full!
Strategic DigitaLab

Company Description: We are Strategic DigitaLab, a full-service digital marketing agency. Our mission is to fuel your brand so that you can reach the world. We tailor fit marketing and communication campaigns that leverage the newest in technology and design. A member company of Strategic Public Relations Group, we belong to one of largest communications networks in Asia-Pacific.

Assignment 1: Social media content creation
Writing of blog content, infographics, ideate on social media content

Deliverable 1: 1 Blog post per week.

Assignment 2: Market research and reporting
You will be part of digital marketing team in conducting market research for our clients, generating campaign reports to track client's campaign performance and optimization.  

Deliverable 2: Report on researches conducted.

Project Full!
Split Dragon

Company Description: We are a tech company offering e-commerce software to brands and SMEs across South East Asia.

Assignment as individuals:

  • Content Writing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • General Business Development Tasks

  • Lead Generation Marketing

Assignment as a group:

  • Keyword Research

  • Search Rank

  • Tracking set up

Deliverable: Bi-weekly word file with their accomplishments.


Company Description: Welovesupermom is a marketplace dedicated to Parents with kids from 0-10 years old.

Assignment: E-commerce Listing Management

Research on the products relevant to the company, categorisation of such products, and write a report on it.


Deliverable: Report on Accurate Listing of Products on Marketplace


Company Description: Finty is a financial comparison website operating in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.



  • SEO and marketing research primarily for the financial products we compare

  • keyword research


Deliverable: Google documents on the research done


Company Description: Hashtaqs uplifts businesses through business, brand and digital transformation.

Hashtaqs provides advisory and implementation activities in brand transformation, marketing, digital transformation and internationalisation of businesses. We also upskill individuals through customised learning development programs and business coaching.


Assignment: Marketing assignment

  • Increase number of leads

  • Serve clients’ needs in content development and marketing related matters

  • Promote Hashtaqs services digitally through content, SEO and SEM.

  • Produce short form and long form content.

  • Create social media posts

  • Generate leads and arrange sales appointments

  • Coordinate with internal team and external clients

  • Curate virtual event topics and invite speakers

  • Design event posters



  • 1-page Word report

  • JPG and source files for the posters and any other items designed

2359 Media 

Company Description: In 11 years, we've built an award-winning, multinational digital experience studio. It has been an adventure best described as a coherent and chaotic innovation. One that would not be possible without the ingenuity of our people. We still have the same dream. To improve the way people live and work through technology.

Those who work here describe 2359 Media as a place to grow their skills and ability. The hierarchy is very flat and our time during work is focused on delivering great work to our clients. Here we value entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, teamwork and creativity. It’s rewarding to work where everyone is empowered to make a difference. Enjoy high-level autonomy, and be seen and heard for all the great work you do. Bask in our family-like culture, where we take every opportunity to celebrate our achievements because our most valued resource is our people.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Assisting in the management of marketing operations

  • Crafting proposals, pitch material and demonstration chat-bots for sales

  • Performing market analysis and research on the latest trends.

  • Researching and evaluating competitor marketing and digital content.

  • Contributing to the creation of mock-ups, email campaigns, and social media content.

  • Supporting the marketing team in daily administrative tasks in developing and implementing marketing strategies

Deliverable: Presentation to sum up on what they did, what they achieved, and their key milestones.

500 Startups

Company Description: 500 Startups is the most active global venture capital firm. We’re on a mission to uplift people and economies around the world through entrepreneurship.

Assignment: Marketing and Design

  • Designing of community portals/microsites

  • Designing of marketing collaterals (e.g. poster, brochure)

  • Managing community newsletter 

  • Brainstorming of event and community engagement campaigns


  • Have an eye for design

  • Are passionate for technology, startup and innovation

  • Can maintain a high quality of work despite tight deadlines

  • Are creative and work with limited resources

  • Have experience in UI / UX

Deliverable: Completed design, in jpg as well as the source file

Project Full!

Company Description: Pitchspot is a social network for innovation and a platform to bridge ideas, insights, and knowledge globally. To date, we have established partnerships with companies and educational institutions globally, including The Hacker Exchange (AU), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK), the National University of Singapore, and SAP-NextGen (Singapore).


Assignment: Pitchspot Academy

Digital Marketing, design, content creation, growth and sales/customer acquisitions


Deliverable: Presentations or creation of own portfolio

Gather Technologies Pte Ltd

Company Description: is a social commerce platform with the mission to usher in the next era of online shopping in Singapore.


By utilising social connections, neighbours, friends, family members can form ‘team purchases’ to explore vast discounts on their groceries and daily essentials.


We are helmed by two founders who have found success in Indonesia and Singapore for their respective young startups. One of them is currently running a startup that have grown from scratch to a 12-person team in Indonesia in a manner of 1.5 years. The other is running a successful social network for innovators and entrepreneurs in Singapore.


We are currently looking for passionate individuals to join us as interns to embark on an exciting journey to execute and work on the vision and strategies that lie ahead.


Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Management of’s social media networks, specifially IG and FB.

  • Plan, design and execute social media post calendar.

  • Analyse reports to derive actionable insights for better marketing campaigns in the future.

  • Monitor competitive landscape.

  • Look out for new and interesting food trends on social media.

  • Collaborate with targeted KOLs for added buzz and awareness to consumers.

  • Engage and interact with key target audience on other similar accounts.



  • Good command of English

  • Social Media savvy

  • Design and video editing background is a good to have skill



  • Optimising and growing social media presence and engagement

  • Weekly reports and analysis

  • Deriving insights from social media


Company Description: Data Driven Social & Community Commerce in Entertainment for Fans

Assignment: Merchandise & Product Analysis

  • Research on best sales practices for our merchandise business unit (entertainment related merchandise & products)

  • Daily analysis of our merchandise data to pinpoint trends and winning strategies, using GA & Mixpanel (training provided)

  • Competitor analysis

  • Product analysis: findings to be presented with recommended products to design/add


Deliverable: Presentation slides on researches and analyses done

The Brandless Co

Company Description: The Brandless Co is a one-stop agency for everything in brand marketing. From activations to corporate identity, public relations to digital marketing. We formulate the strategies to enhance the good to great, turnaround businesses that are languishing to thrive in any situation.


We are looking for a digital marketing exec to join our start-up and provide creative ideas to help achieve our goals. As a digital marketing exec, you will collaborate with our clients in all stages of marketing campaigns.

You will be assisting in the content curation for social media platforms and the execution of creatives. This role will help you gain broad experience in marketing.


Assignment: Marketing Executive

Make a direct impact on the business, customers, and our community.

  • Content Creation, Branding and Design: Conceptualise, develop and produce digital marketing materials (e.g. Social media, flyers, email communications, newsletters, website, banners, etc) to grow our brand presence and visibility

Deliverable: Completed design, in jpg as well as the source file



  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Detail-oriented and analytical nature.

  • Innovative, self-starter work ethic

  • Experience with creative software

  • Independent, able to work by yourself

BestTop Career Consulting

Company Description: BestTop Consulting Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2014 and it aims to provide professional customized career coaching service for students and working professionals from Singapore and abroad. Our 400+ career mentors are from the Fortune 500 companies, with rich industry experiences and career development skills. We have set up offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Our services are recognized by the community and we are backed by renowned incubation programmes from National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, and the Hong Kong Cyberport.​


Assignment 1: Growth Hacking Project
Conduct thorough review on existing marketing channels and analysis on the industry and competitors. Collect data on each stage of the customer journey and come out insights for marketing strategy improvement

Deliverables 1: 

  • Developing overall growth hacking strategy

  • Coming up with detailed actions plans for next year

  • Data analytics on existing marketing channels

Assignment 2: Process Improvement Consulting
Conduct thorough review on existing workflow of the interaction between students and mentors. Research on best practice in the market to deliver better customer service of career consulting in BestTop

Deliverables 2: 

  • Come up with detailed suggestions for internal process improvement

  • Conduct necessary customer survey/focus groups with our clients

Assignment 3: Web Design Project

  • Market research and writing articles, reports and blog entries on different aspects of BestTop

  • Google SEO Content Writing 

  • Develop a brand new graphic design for BestTop Website

  • Marketing Skills and Designing Skills preferred

Deliverables 3: Come up with a brand new website design with updated information

Cosmo Laundry

Company Description: We provide Total Laundry Solutions to Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Resorts, etc in Ho Chi Minh City. 75% of our clients are B2B and 25% B2C.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Social media marketing

  • Online Customer Satisfactory Survey


Deliverable: Presentation slides on researches and analyses done

RE Marketing


Company Description: Compare Clinics, Hospitals & Doctors Worldwide with MyMediTravel. As one of the leading medical information and referral companies, customers can leverage our platform to refine their search and find their perfect match, saving time and energy along the way. Our mission is to provide customers with a single marketplace for all Medical Tourism requirements, from information and research materials to searching, reviewing and finding the most suitable hospital to facilitate their every requirement.

Assignment 1: Creative Content Creator

  • Creative writer with ability to get articles featured / published

Criteria: Ability to create engaging and impactful content


Deliverable: Presentation slides on the work done

Assignment 2: Marketing Project

  • Social / content marketing to build social network

Deliverable: 1-page Word report on your work


Company Description: Socmedtech is a social IT start-up and management consulting company based in Indonesia and Singapore. We specialise in technology and outsourcing services that are built up by IT professionals who are passionate in social and technology. We help clients become high-performance businesses.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Generate and increase number of leads

  • Create Social Media Post

  • Produce short form and long form content


Deliverable: Report in Excel; Social media post; Email, Content


Company Description: Find the right solutions! Market your business the right way with the right app!

At JuzApps, we don't just build but we innovate to generate, inspire and advance your business like our very own!

If you are looking to increase efficiency, bring down costs and have an edge over your customers, JuzApps is your unopposed choice. Why? Because we don't believe in working in consultation with customers but believe in working for them. We tailor holistic and refreshingly innovative business solutions using some of the finest technology. And our delivery? Something out of the Box.

We are not your usual IT company but are here with a motto, that is to innovate... Juzapps, the living innovation.

Assignment: Digital Marketing Project

  • The intern will be helping to create content across various media outputs such as videos, articles, social media stories and will be assisting to help schedule these across JuzApps social media platforms (Facebook/LinkedIn/ Instagram).​

  • The intern is also expected to have a strategic mindset and will play a key role in JuzApps’s social media campaigns to reach our desired target audiences in our physical and virtual events. This includes social media content curation, analysis, ad creation and targeting.


Deliverable: Final product and source file of the design


  • Digital media savvy and experienced with new digital technologies

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • Proficiency in software like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects is a plus.

  • Delivering a fixed number of contents that will be agreed upon before commencement e.g. x number of videos, y number of social media stories.

  • Some creative video and photography experience is preferred

  • Able to work independently 

  • Strong language and writing skills in English

  • Independent, and willingness to learn

  • Ability to work under tight deadlines

  • Creative and attention to detail

Talent Hunts Indonesia

Company Description: We're an Executive Search agency that is focus on the recruitment of Talents from the Mid-Senior level position, based in Jakarta, Indonesia and serves multiple clients in Indonesia.

Assignment: Digital Marketing Project 

The candidates will be managing our Social Media Platform, including content creation, building engagement, SEO as well as developing Social Media Strategy for our company.

Deliverable: Able to create content that can create engagement as well as traffic to our website or our Social Media

Most 2414

Company Description: We are a digital marketing agency working at the intersection of strategy, marketing, e-commerce, and creativity.
A dynamic, flexible, and affable team aiming to support and drive our clients, and their audiences, through the digital marketing journey.
MOST 2414 as a company, firmly believes in the power of combining data and creativity to connect people and brands.

Assignment: Digital Marketing Executive

  • Social media audit

  • Develop digital marketing strategy

Deliverable: Word Report

Bac Ha Software

Company Description: Bac Ha Software Co., Ltd. (BHSoft) is a dynamic and fast-moving company in software development and information technology in Vietnam.
Established in 2014, BHSoft has been expanding services to world-wide clients from Europe, America, Singapore, Japan and other countries. BHSoft provides the optimum solution that always meets customers’ needs and applies latest technologies on customer’s projects to make it the best applications.

Assignment: Online marketing project

Deliverable: Reports and/or presentation

H Business & Co

Company Description: H is a “one-stop solution” comprehensive consulting firm with offices in Singapore, Australia and Cambodia, dedicated to providing professional regional advisory services. As processing, we not only focus on traditional fields, but also develop and explore new areas.

Assignment: Marketing Research

Deliverable: Word Report and PPT, Online Meeting


Company Description: 9cv9 makes hiring simple, effective and efficient. Our Job and Applicant Tracking System allow companies to post job quickly and to track applicants holistically.

The platform has many useful features and allows the companies to save time and resources in hiring the best talents.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Plan & execute HR and Start-up content for social media consumption for each month.

  • Conduct user research on what are the trending HR and Career and Start-up topics in various destinations.

  • Assist in proof-reading and reviewing digital HR and Career and Start-up content (written).
    Help indexing web pages on search engines for SEO purposes.

  • Assist activities content team to perform content curation and publishing as well as price bench-marking.

  • Contribute to other team projects and initiatives

Deliverable: Report on the work done

The Experience Accelerator

Company Description: The Experience Accelerator is an award winning Edtech company. Through our fully virtual, web accessible learning platform, we use a combination of e-content and deliberate practice along with personalised, AI augmented feedback to help our learners adopt leadership behavioural skills faster. Our learners tell us they appreciate how we hold the mirror up to their behaviour, allow them to practice new techniques and provide personalised, detailed feedback in a safe environment. On average, we see our learners improve their target behaviours by 40-80%.

Assignment: Marketing/Business Development assignment

  • Create monthly social media calendars

  • Design social media graphics in line with our brand guidelines and colour scheme

  • Curate and recruit for virtual events in Europe, North America and Asia

  • Design and execute creative lead generation experiments and measure impact

  • Follow up and schedule meetings with leads generated from the above activities


  • Dashboard outlining impact on key metrics like number of leads

  • JPG and source files for items designed

  • Social media calendars


Company Description: Tubudd is an innovative platform that offers a unique and limitless service of connecting individuals traveling to Vietnam to local people. Local buddy is a friendly, young, dynamic and enthusiastic local who helps you to explore the culture and local life. Tubudd connects you with local buddies for your realest Vietnam experience.

Assignment: Market research for TUBUDD for expats and foreign travellers to Vietnam


  • Report and presentation

Requirement: Proficiency in Korean will be a plus.

Company Description: A job portal that provides a Recruitment System for every client! With the slogan "Find a Job Much Easier" for job seekers, all of our features are built with the sole purpose of helping job seekers find their best jobs. Hopefully what we do can help reduce Indonesia's unemployment rate.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Marketing Project for different brandings


  • Final product of marketing material, presentation


Company Description: GreenHCM is the best cloud-based human resource management application in Indonesia. GreenHCM helps your company and employees to work optimally with one easy and integrated application.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Bring ideas and being part of GreenHCM re-branding projects.


  • Presentation

Requirement: Candidates should have computer science and/or graphic design background, as the company is looking to have re-branding and UI as part of the project.

Company Description: is a platform that focuses in skills development and job placement that help college students and graduates build their career from zero experience to landing to their dream job.

Assignment: Marketing Project


  • Report

Requirement: Candidates should have UI/UX background.


Company Description: eFit Software is a SAAS EdTech startup company that utilizes activity trackers to ensure student activity accountability. Focusing on Kinesiology/Physical Education professors/teachers, eFit solves multiple issues encountered with online classes while enhancing face to face classes.

eFit Software enables faculty to track student steps, activity minutes, nutrition, heart rate, and fitness assessments. Grades are automatically generated which can then be imported into the school CMS / LMS grade book.

Assignment: Marketing Project

  • Generate a targeted marketing list (Name of School, Professor/Teacher name, email, phone)

  • Follow up with email and phone.

  • Schedule meetings with leads generated from the above activities

  • An email sequence will be supplied in English, which may have to be translated depending on your target market.

  • Access to MailChimp for setting up and executing the email campaign.

  • Identify and recommend additional marketing channels

Deliverable: Excel spreadsheet, Word document, Mailchimp database


Company Description: Connect is a discovery platform for job seekers and hiring managers to discover, connect and chat directly.

Assignment: Marketing Project

Topics could be in: marketing, growth, product development, design, sales and more.

Deliverable: The company will inform selected candidates about the deliverable.

These positions are managed in collaboration with Tony Jin (EA Reg Number : R2095123), the specialist consultant on behalf of SIN SHIN ADVISORY PTE. LTD (EA License Number : 20C0267丨Company Registration Number : 201330910M).

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