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Company description :

Look Capital is a multi-family office providing a broad spectrum of wealth management advisory and value-added services. Focus on transparency and user participation, Look Capital helps tech entrepreneurs at various stages from wealth freedom to self-realization. 


Assignment detail: 

1.Investment Analyst

  • Be a key member of the investments team, 

  • participating in all aspects of the investment process, including joining meetings with existing and prospective managers.


  • Develop quantitative and qualitative evaluation of investment opportunities, maintaining and analysing performance data and portfolio characteristics. 

  • Evaluate the market environment within asset classes (e.g. stocks, bonds, private equity, real estate, energy, and alternatives/absolute return), as well as cross-asset research and strategy. 

  • Prepare thematic presentations on markets and investment opportunities for portfolio managers and the investment research team. 

  • Support portfolio management professionals by responding to requests for information and analysis on current fund investments. 

2. Investment Counsellor

  • Develop and maintain high net worth individual, family and corporate clients, continue to increase investable scale.


  • Deliver professional investment advisory to high net worth clients

  • Jointly develop and maintain client relationship with Relationship Managers, provide promptly market information, portfolio investment advice and execution services to Relationship Managers and clients

  • Review and monitor clients’ portfolios and develop appropriate investment strategies, working in partnership with the Relationship Managers

  • Perform regulated activities and ensure full compliance with policies, standards, guidelines and procedures laid down by the company and regulatory authorities


Preferred skill: 

  • Degree holder in Finance, Business or related discipline

  • Experience in portfolio management for the high net worth wealth segment is an advantage

  • Solid understanding of financial and investment markets

  • Analytical mind and sensitive to financial market trends

  • This role will support the Greater China Market predominantly, liaising closely with Mandarin-speaking clients and counterparts.

  • Thus business level proficiency in Mandarin/ Chinese (written and verbal) is required for effective communication with the Mandarin-speaking clients and counterparts


Deliverables: word report

Working arrangement:



Not Applicable

Company description:

Lucy is a mobile banking app designed from the ground up to help extraordinary everyday women to grow, thrive and shine. 


Assignment detail

With the success of our soft launch in SIngapore in September 2021, Lucy has recently commenced our Series A investment raise to support scaling up exponentially and also expanding to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and beyond. We have seen a huge market opportunity in targeting the 245m underserved and underbanked women’s market in Southeast Asia and 61m women-owned micro-entrepreneurs - 70% of women-owned SMEs in this region do not have access to financial services. Our approach to new market entry is:


  • Partnering with local financial institutions – Lucy brings financial institutions the benefit of increased deposits and loans without their needing to directly serve underserved markets themselves. 

  • Building seamless integration points - Lucy has the ability to integrate its backend with multiple financial providers in any country or region. 

  • Qualitative field research – Lucy conducts research on customers and competition to ensure that they understand the identified markets’ pain points and needs 

  • Product localization– Lucy adapts and tailors products to fit local customer needs, which may include adaptations on language, pricing and product features


Feasibility Analysis for Lucy in Hong Kong. The precursor to any consideration for a new country market entry is to undertake a market scoping and competitor analysis, to gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding of demographics; infrastructure; potential competition ;and any other information that may be relevant and guide our approach to steps 1 to 4 as listed above. 

We would like the students to determine the potential market opportunity for Lucy in Hong Kong, by: 

  • Building a draft Business Model Canvas for Lucy, targeting the Hong Kong market, which should highlight the key questions that need to be answered in order for Lucy to make an informed decision. 

  • Undertaking comprehensive desk research to identify: 

  1. the target addressable market size of women microentrepreneurs their geographic spread; and types of business (CS - Customer Segments - section of the BMC)

  2. to what degree they are served by formal financial institutions (and which ones) and where the gaps are between their needs and what is available (VP section of the BMC)           

  3. an assessment of the existing formal financial institutions in Hong Kong (both banks and non-banks), the regulatory landscape, what types of licence could Lucy easily obtain ourselves, and which existing providers would be the potential best fit for us as partners (KP section of the BMC)            

  4. an assessment of existing fintech providers who are currently serving our target market; their pros and cons; usage and pricing 

  5.  an analysis of non-financial services - accounting, e-training, business forums etc. - currently available to microbusinesses in Indonesia, together with pricing, pros and cons


Preferred skills: 

Experience with the Business Model Canvas would be a distinct advantage



The output should be a comprehensive country and market assessment, together with an executive summary, conclusions and recommendations. Areas that would require additional research and scoping before Lucy could make an informed decision on market entry should be clearly identified. Ideally, through undertaking this work, the students should be able to develop a blueprint approach for us to undertake similar scoping exercises with other potential countries in the future. 

To summarize, the main objectives for this project are to: 
1. Design a Business Model Canvas for Lucy’s potential new entry into the Hong Kong market 
2. Provide recommendations on the various partners that Lucy should work with in Hong Kong 

Expected deliverables:

Formal presentation including Q&A session, and recommendation report. Please allow 20 minutes for the presentation and Q&A per student team.

Working arrangement:



Not Applicable

These positions are managed in collaboration with Tony Jin (EA Reg: R2095123) and Daniel Kang (EA Reg: R21100630), the specialist consultant on behalf of SIN SHIN ADVISORY PTE. LTD (Singapore EA License Number : 20C0267丨Company Registration Number : 201330910M) and  BestTop Education Technology Limited (Hong Kong EA Licence No. 64235)

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