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SGD 249

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Upcoming Intake Starts

14 December 2020

Polaris is a structured online training program consisting of masterclass and industry project.

The masterclass is conducted by seasoned expert from top company, so that you will learn the essential skills required.


The industry project is a collaboration between TalentLink and our company partners. You are required to apply the knowledge from the class to solve the real project.


Polaris Journey

Register by 3 December 2020

Complete weekly video courses and project tasks

Attend live Q&A sessions to answer your questions

Submit final consulting report to receive certificate

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Learn the McKinsey Way

Co-designed by McKinsey consultant, featuring the most practical management consulting frameworks

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Structured Curriculum

Weekly tasks are designed synchronize with the masterclass training schedule

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Flexible Schedule

5-hour recorded courses and 2 live Q&A to strike a balance between flexibility and interaction

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Solve Real Problem

Project statement is a real business problem from our company partners


Upon successful completion of Polaris project tasks, candidate will be awarded certificate of completion.
You may include this into your resume as project experience and boost your chances in seeking for a job.

Free Trial Session

Unsure whether Polaris is suitable to your needs? Fret not, attend the free trial session to get to know the mentor.

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20% Discount

Share Polaris post and tag #talentlink on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.  You will be entitled to a 20% discount!

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