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Resumes are extremely essential and crucial for every job application. Our resume is the key factor that determines if we will be shortlisted by the company. Many people struggle with crafting a good resume, especially if it is your first time.

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Today, we have put together the top 5 tips to craft the perfect resume.

1 | Take Note Of The Job Description

Make sure you factor out and take into consideration the key requirements stated in the job listing as these are what the company is mainly looking for.

2 | Arrangement Of Information Is Very Important

Ensure that the most important details are always placed at the top. This information will be the first ones that hirers look at and take note of.

3 | Use Active Language

Active verbs can make your resume a lot more attractive. Make sure to avoid using passive or weak words as well.

4 | Emphasise Your Educational Achievements

This is especially important for fresh graduates who have minimal to no work experience. Besides your academic grades, positions and responsibilities in your extra-curricular activities are also crucial to show your skills and reliability.

5 | Be Concise

Lastly and most importantly, your resumes should never be more than 2 pages. If it is, you probably will have to read through and revise it again. Hirers generally have a lot of resumes to go through so they will not spend too much time on a single resume.

With these 5 tips, you are now ready to craft your amazing resume, good luck with it!


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