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Company Description: AI Teach U is a multicultural team ranging from coders to illustrators. We are dedicated to empowering people through education by utilizing the latest artificial intelligence technology to establish a learning system that is responsive and adaptive to students’ ever-evolving needs.


Group Assignment: Career-consultancy portal

Skillsets Requirements for Technology majors

  • Website development, HTML skills, frameworks, wireframe development

  • UI/UX skillsets

  • Javascript, python and others

  • Photoshop and more

Skillsets Requirements for Business majors

  • Business research

  • Market analysis

  • Pitch deck creation and presentation

  • Graphic software (adobe and more)

  • UI, UX skillsets

Deliverable: You would be tasked to develop a Career-counselling web portal that guides participants towards their career aims and goals (participants from mid-career professionals to pre-K children). 

  • Portal development

  • Business plan presentation

Company Description: BankersLab is an innovator in the development and delivery of strategic learning in the financial services industry. We offer gamified and simulation-based training – known as “flight simulators for bankers”. We are hiring in response to our rapid pivot from workshop to online learning delivery. We operate in over 25 countries, and have faculty and staff around the world. You’ll be exposed to a global B2B operation in the financial sector. 

Assignment: Manage the Sales Pipeline

  • Analyze our geographic market economic activity, and correlate that with sales demand activity.

  • Work with Business Development staff to segment and focus our sales efforts on specific entity types and geographies.

  • Execute on sales leads, learning to track and interpret sales pipeline metrics such as pipeline conversation rates.

Deliverable: Interpret and showcase the pipeline metrics and our sales activity impact on them.

Company Description: PenguinSmart is enabling intelligent, individualized rehab therapy for all, starting with online speech & language support for children. Founded by Harvard & MIT alumni, our team combines the latest data sciences with expert insights to empower caregivers to become a key part of their loved ones' rehab journey.


Assignment: Business Development Project

  • Brand mapping, marketing positioning, competitor research, and advertorials

Deliverable: Word report/ PPT presentation.
Requirement: Good at both Mandarin and English


Company Description: Edufied is a Blockchain-based Document Storage & Verification System that allows Issuers from Academic, Professional or Government agencies to issue e-credentials with ease, preventing any fake certificates/claims from happening. The system also improves work efficiency by reducing the amount of admin work like attending to call-in verification or document reprint request.

For recipients, they will be given an academic & training passport to store and share their documents & credentials securely and easily, PROVIDING THE LAST MILE VALIDATION.


Assignment 1: Business Analyst Intern

Business Analyst Intern will take down notes and create meeting minutes, assist in writing the User Manual for the internal end users, conduct research for payment methods options, feedback options, and industry best practices for processes.  

  • Help plan and design business processes and make recommendations for improvement  

  • Perform research and analysis in support of operations  

  • Assist in resolving business issues using systems and data  

  • Writes detailed reports and present results 

  • Creation of user Journey Mapping and Visuals 

  • Help launch new initiatives  

  • Organize files and documents and other administrative tasks 

  • May perform additional projects upon request  



  • Candidate must be pursuing a Bachelor's/College Degree in IT, Business Administration or any related field 

  • Tech-driven  

  • Detail oriented Communication skills 

  • Possessing fresh ideas and solutions to old age challenges 

Assignment 2: Product Management Intern

We’re looking for a Product Manager Intern who can work across our Experience Team (Product Management, UIUX, Quality Assurance and Development.  

  • Assist Product Managers in product development ideation, conceptualization to implementation  

  • Define and implement product development and product management plan.  

  • Create new product solutions for both internal and external end-users  

  • Initiate, analyse, propose and launch new product ideas (product development)  

  • Maintain existing products (product management)  

  • Conduct market intelligence to maintain competitiveness and profitability of product offering  

  • For Front End, to plan and work with designers on UI/UX of features  


  • Currently studying in a reputable educational institution, penultimate or final year students preferred  

  • Excellent communication skills  

  • Good logical thinking  

  • Good knowledge in programming and software development  

  • Good product design sense (UI/UX)


Company Description: HedgeSPA provides a cloud-based core investment platform that protects institutional portfolios against severe portfolio drawdowns, makes asset allocations under reasonable market scenarios and helps select the most likely winning assets in recovering markets.


Assignment: Account Executive Intern

  • Create detailed business plans designed to attain predetermined business goals and quotas

  • Manage the entire sales cycle from finding a client to securing a deal

  • Unearth new sales opportunities through networking and turn them into long-term partnerships

  • Present products to prospective clients

  • Provide professional after-sales support to maximize customer loyalty

  • Remain in regular contact with your clients to understand and meet their needs

  • Respond to complaints and resolve issues to the customer’s satisfaction and to maintain the company’s reputation

  • Negotiate agreements and keep records of sales and data

  • Maintain systematic log of customer contacts and ensure that customary greetings (e.g. New Year) are made in time


  • Pleasant demeanor and effective interpersonal skills

  • Clear and effective communications and presentation skills

  • Influencing skills to close sales

Decentro Tech

Company Description: Automated API platform for banking integrations in India and APAC.
Reducing your integration time by ~10X and capital expenditure by ~80%.


Assignment: Business Development Project

  • Helping our team initiate, develop and maintain relationships with FinTech, startups and growing companies in Singapore.

  • Identifying, fostering and highlighting new business opportunities & partnerships with the above.

  • Supporting new initiatives and strategies that are being implemented in Singapore in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Working closely with internal key stakeholders, which includes our founding, sales & product teams.

500 Startups

Company Description: 500 Startups is the most active global venture capital firm. We’re on a mission to uplift people and economies around the world through entrepreneurship.


Assignment: Business Development & Marketing Intern

  • Research and preparation of presentations on start-up trends and industry insights

  • Assist with preparation of slides for corporate and government clients

  • Research on and identify prospective partners for the region

  • Develop and implement start-up community engagement plan

  • Assist with copywriting for start-up projects


  • Are passionate for technology, start-up and innovation

  • Can maintain high quality of work despite tight deadlines

  • Are detail-oriented and resourceful

  • Can write creatively

  • Good at presentation creation


Company Description: Bizbaz offers financial intelligence solutions to financial institutions, telecommunication and e-commerce companies in Asia, including comprehensive user profiling/scoring (using financial, lifestyle, social and health data), mSME/SME assessment/scorecarding systems and AI-powered recommender systems for financial products such as loans, insurance, credit cards, etc. Our systems enable organisations to engage the unbanked and underserved populations in Asia.


Assignment: Business Development Project

  • Work with the company's leadership team on action plan for market expansion or penetration in Southeast Asia

  • Use LinkedIn and email to reach out to prospective customers (financial institutions, fintechs, insurtechs) and partners

Deliverable: Word report


Company Description: Avvanz is gold medal award winning global Background Screening and an Approved Training Organization in Singapore.


Assignment 1: Sales Support Intern

  • Database Cleaning

    • Administrative role to clean up our 30K+ leads in Zoho by ensuring all fields are filled up and all are valid emails. If not, check the refreshed roles Eg New HR Manager in Company ABC in LinkedIn. Then work with Lead Gen companies to get the new email IDs and Tel number.

  • Appointment setting – Reach out to the Leads and get appointments for Sales

Assignment 2: Drive membership for

This is a Social Community for Investors, CXOs and Entrepreneurs. We need interns to approach people of these profiles (including Startup Clubs/Entrepreneur communities in Schools) to join this FREE club.


Note: These two are 3-month assignments. Part-time commitment is allowed, with minimum 3 days per week.

Company Description: Chinaccelerator helps the best internet startups cross borders in Asia and China. We are one of six global accelerators under SOSV which has AUM USD 740M+ with programs in cross-border Internet, hardware, synthetic biology, food tech and blockchain. Together we’re one of the world’s leading early stage investment firms. Our mission is to “make the impossible inevitable”.


We have a fun and open shared office with our startups with plenty of free drinks and beer, and it’s also where we host our weekly community events. By joining Chinaccelerator’s team of investors, founders and sector experts you will work directly with our startup community and be exposed to a wide-range of businesses and business leaders.

Assignment 1: Growth Intern

  • Support Chinaccelerator growth manager on helping startups executing growth strategies.

  • Conduct on-going research projects on key industry trends and competitive insights

  • Assisting with growth project management

  • Can lead to increased responsibilities and involvement over time, with the potential to expand

  • Into the PR, digital marketing, or design areas based on the intern’s proven skills and dedication

  • Anything else that may interest you! We wear many hats and are intentional in finding opportunities to develop our team members!


  • Bilingual: English & Chinese

  • Social media power user

  • Project management skills

  • Copywriting

  • Must be available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Deliverable 1: The company will inform selected candidates about the deliverable.

Assignment 2: Investment Analyst Intern

  • Support our Investment Analyst Director progress including: industry analysis research on the multinational brands and their China positioning, data analysis on existing start-ups and potential companies.

  • You will attend meetings with analysts and mentors to accompany start-ups in data modelling, investment deck, financial model, etc.

  • Support other events including: planning and attending international and local events, optimize the matches between portfolio companies with mentors, and build a framework to leverage the network for high quality investment deal flow.


  • A track record that demonstrates exceptional persistence, resourcefulness and leadership in previous endeavors

  • Plugged into and knowledgeable about the Asia tech start-up ecosystem

  • Strong communication and relationship-building skills

  • Exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Proven ability to self-motivate, hardworking and enthusiastic

  • Demonstrates passion for disruptive technology and innovation

  • Proficiency in Mandarin and Fluent English is mandatory

Deliverable 2: The company will inform selected candidates about the deliverable.

The Experience Accelerator

Company Description: Fusing the power of video, deliberate practice, AI and virtual coaches, at The Experience Accelerator, we improve the world’s behavioural skills.

The Experience Accelerator is an award winning Edtech company. Through our fully virtual, web accessible learning platform, we use a combination of e-content and deliberate practice along with personalised, AI augmented feedback to help our learners adopt leadership behavioural skills faster.  Our learners tell us they appreciate how we hold the mirror up to their behaviour, allow them to practice new techniques and provide personalised, detailed feedback in a safe environment.  On average, we see our learners improve their target behaviours by 40-80%. 


Assignment: Sales Project

  • Use a suite of sales automation tools to design & deliver outbound lead generation campaigns

  • Curate and recruit for virtual events in Europe, North America and Asia

  • Design and execute creative lead generation experiments and measure impact

  • Follow up and schedule meetings with leads generated from the above activities



  • Dashboard outlining impact on key metrics like # leads

  • Deliver a set of findings from A/B testing on lead generation campaigns

Nature's Farm
Please note that this assignment is not available for remote attachment. Applicants must be in Singapore.

Company Description: A Singapore home-grown health supplements brand with 38 years history undergoing business transformation into a brand business befitting to the new ages. Established since 1982, Nature's Farm is known for producing quality, safe and effective health supplements and products.


Assignment: Trainee Team Lead - Direct Sales

As an independent and self-motivated individual, you will work alongside our e-commerce consultant to develop, fine-tune and eventually establish a direct sales team that operates primarily through e-commerce platforms, CRMs and conventional messages APPs. Successful outcome of the project would establish a vital new sales channel in the outreach of new client base for the company.



  • No experience required and training will be provided

  • Can-do attitude, driven and passionate individual with strong interpersonal skills

  • Seek and manage potential clients in need of health and wellness products

  • Systematic training by our Nutritionist

  • Commission-based

  • Uniforms provided; we treasure each one of you as part of the family!


Company Description: At Soundbrenner, we firmly believe musicians aren't born - they're crafted from practice. And to deliver the best possible practice experience, we've created wearable tools, combined with great software. By bringing modern technology and design to instrumentalists, we aim to help every musician on the planet to master their craft. It's our goal to inspire the world to embark on this epic journey for musical greatness, and we celebrate all those who are already in pursuit of it!


Assignment: Business Development Project. During the course of this internship, you can expect to:

  • Work with the company's leadership team to enter new markets and penetrate on existing markets globally

  • Identify new business opportunities and partnerships

  • Create new relationships with key players in the music industry

  • Discover new sales opportunities through networking and turn them in



A PowerPoint Presentation, compiling all the new findings and to be delivered to the company's management team.

Smart Solution(S) Pte Ltd

Company Description: Smarts Solutions is a big data analytics consulting firm, specializing in bringing together subsystems to leverage data for competitive advantage. Our in-house FinTech AI product : RoboInvestor, allows investment managers to leverage on data and machine learning models, as well as their domain expertise, to aid their investment decision strategies and make accurate market predictions.


Group Assignment: Business Development Project.

We will be launching a new collaborated enhanced product from our version of RoboInvestor in collaboration with a China partner. Supporting this business development, the Interns will be required to:

  • Identify and research on competitors

  • Define their USP

  • Propose a marketing strategy suitable for our product launch



A PowerPoint Presentation, compiling all the new findings and to be delivered to the company's management team.

eFit Software.png
eFit Software

Company Description: eFit Software is a SAAS EdTech start-up company that utilizes activity trackers to ensure student activity accountability. Focusing on Kinesiology/Physical Education professors/teachers, eFit enables faculty to track student steps, activity minutes, nutrition, heart rate, and fitness assessments. Grades are automatically generated which can then be imported into the school CMS / LMS grade book.


Assignment 1: Grants Research

  • Create grants that can be used by high schools to purchase activity trackers (Fitbit, Mi Band, etc.) and eFit Software access for their students.

  • Research and identify the grants that are appropriate for this purpose in the USA and in your home country.


A Word Document, compiling:

  • Grant Applications

  • Supply grant in the same language as the country that it is being utilized in

  • (For non-English grants, supply an English version as well.)

Assignment 2: Business Expansion

  • Research and come up with a business plan focused on the expansion of eFit to the Asian Continent


A Word Report consisting of, but not limited to:

  • Background

  • Analysis

  • Proposed plan

BestTop 2016 Color Square (Small).jpg
BestTop Consulting

Company Description: BestTop Consulting Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2014 and it aims to provide professional customized career coaching service for students and working professionals from Singapore and abroad. Our 400+ career mentors are from the Fortune 500 companies, with rich industry experiences and career development skills.


Assignment 1: Programme Expansion Research

  • Study and analyze competitors’ market behavior and strategies, including different study tour program pricing, schedule, and keep up-to-date on market trends

  • Develop ideas, recommendations and plans to contribute to the optimization of business development strategies

  • Creation and implementation of massive mailings and support with other business development campaigns.

  • Development of databases. 

  • Effectively manage and develop positive relationships with vendors and service providers during all phases of events execution

Deliverables: Completion of all assigned projects and a follow up word report for each assignment

Assignment 2: Business Development Project

  • Learn Business Development Processes by completing training programs and subsequently on job training and tasks. 

  • Setting appointments for Sales Team. 

  • Practicing sales processes by calling on existing and then cold outreach; adhering to established sales steps. 

  • Accomplishing sales and organization mission by completing related results as needed. 

  • Assist in ad-hoc administrative activities assigned.


Deliverables : Database of organisations contacted and secured a minimum number of organisations, as determined by supervisor

Assignment 3: Web Design Project

  • Conduct market research on writing articles, reports and blog entries regarding different aspects of BestTop Condu

  • Utilise Google SEO Content Writing 

  • Develop a brand new graphic design for BestTop Website

  • Marketing Skills and Designing Skills preferred

Deliverables: Create a brand new website design with updated information

Sin Shin.png
Sin Shin Advisory

Company Description: Sin Shin Advisory offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Since opening our doors in 2016, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients.

Sin Shin Advisory solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced professionals.


Assignment: Business Development Project.

  • Assist with Business Development Manager

  • Study and analyze competitors’ market behavior and strategies

  • Develop ideas, recommendations and plans to contribute to the optimization of business development strategies

  • Creation and implementation of massive mailings and support with other business development campaigns.

  • Development of databases. 

  • Assisting our Recruitment Consultant to source and select candidates for their clients and also some administrative task. Sourcing candidates may vary from LinkedIn Sourcing, Referral, Internet Research, social media, etc.



Completion of all assignment and word report


Company Description: UpLevel is a project-based data science training company. Our vision is to close the data science skill gap through projects and hands-on training. To this end, we have created projects using Jupyter Notebooks for learners to work on.

We recently launched a subscription service for learners to receive learning material from us every month. It's based on a credit system, similar to Audible. It's a new thing for us, so we need someone to execute growth strategies to acquire paying subscribers from the English-speaking market.


Skills and Traits we are looking for: 

  • Growth mindset: You enjoy challenges, and are learning something new so that you can - apply them to solve problems

  • Growth hacker mentality: You take pride in coming up with creative and low-budget solutions to achieve outcomes effectively

  • Proactive: You don't wait things to happen because you're the one making things happen

  • Risk-taking: You're not afraid to experiment, provided that it is backed by data

  • Data-driven: You do research on growth strategies and go on forums, Discord and Slack channels to do your homework


Pretty simple - execute strategically and creatively to acquire new subscribers to UpLevel and hope that these subscribers don't leave the next month.


A report at the end of each month containing the growth strategies that you have tried and their results. We think it's more important that you focus on the strategizing and the actual growth hacking, rather than on the report. The report is just a way to summarize your progress.

Perks of being with UpLevel:

  • We are remote-first so you can work in your PJs while crushing your strats and stats

  • One co-founder is a disciplined early bird and the other is a night-owl so you will have 24/7 access to them at any time for bouncing of ideas

  • We are result-driven and don't micromanage, so no one will breathe down your neck

  • We focus a lot on learning, and will pay for courses that you wish to take to improve (within budgetary reasons)

  • P.S. Interns who perform well will have the option of part-/full-time employment after the internship.

Native Dawn.png
 Native Dawn Productions LLC

Company Description: Native Dawn is an independent film production and distribution company.


Assignment 1: Market Research Project 1

Research on:

  • The funding needs or lack thereof for senior centers, religious and non-profit organizations 

  • Alternatives or potential solutions that are available to them

  • Movies or cinema fundraising solutions for these organizations

  • Regions of ​interest for research: NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA areas in the US

Assignment 2: Market Research Project 1

Research on:

  • The funding needs or lack thereof for senior centers, religious and non-profit organizations 

  • Alternatives or potential solutions that are available to them

  • Movies or cinema fundraising solutions for these organizations

  • Regions of ​interest for research: Denmark and Japan


  • Weekly update report

  • Presentation for the final update

Infinium Robotics Pte Ltd

Company Description: Infinium Robotics, specializes in providing intelligent and autonomous solutions in Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for commercial applications across various industries. At Infinium Robotics, we automate inventory tracking for warehouses. We combine our smartest in-house drone system and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solution to deliver fully-autonomous cycle counts that are cheaper, more accurate, and higher in frequency than ever before.


Assignment :

The assignments will be in the form of individual project or part of a group project.


  • Updates report in Word format, whenever required by supervisor


More details will be provided by the company.

data republic.png
Data Republic

Company Description: Data Republic is providing users every advantage to be profitable in the Defi markets with data provision and execution automation. Our vision is to provide a trading platform with the most updated data and trend analysis, with the fastest available trade executions to allow our users to invest what they want, when they want. No entity or organization  will come between our users and their investing decisions.


Assignment :

  • Conduct customer interviews to identify pain points (Some will be done in Telegram chatrooms), and market research by finding and trying out competitors' products. Research may be conducted in a group if you want.


  • Document in a simple and easy to understand format. We have a form of our own.

  • Chatroom Interviews need to have screenshots.

Blockchain association singapore.png
Blockchain Association Singapore

Company Description: The Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS) seeks to empower its members and the community to leverage blockchain and scalable technologies for business growth and transformation. The Association is designed to be an effective platform for members to engage with multiple stakeholders – both regional and international – to discover solutions and promote best practices in a collaborative, open, and transparent manner. It aims to promote blockchain literacy and build a strong talent pipeline for the digital economy in Singapore.


Assignment :

  • Research and write articles on Blockchain

  • Run webinar events


  • Word report on the assigned topics


Company Description: PlanHouse is a social platform embodied in a Wechat mini-app that connects people via offline lifestyle activities. Here, not only can you discover unique and healthy activities, but also create your own event! Our platform allows you to meet likeminded people and community to join your experience and enriches your lifestyle!


Assignment :

  • Assist in screening events posted by organizers to remove inappropriate content to ensure event quality. 

  • Observe and analyze user behavior and report on any trends regarding user decisions such as event types, event scale, hot location, private versus public, etc. 

  • Collecting and formatting product feedback from users 

  • Generate ideas for new community marketing content. creating content on PlanHouse WeChat mini-app and public page, best to have 2D design ability. 

  • Curate, expand and develop new relationship with active lifestyle influencers and institutions to onboard to the platform.


It would be best if applicant is already familiar with the following tools:

  • Microsoft Word

  • Powerpoint

  • Excel

  • Alimail

  • Wechat, WeChat mini-app, WeChat public account

These positions are managed in collaboration with Tony Jin (EA Reg Number : R2095123), the specialist consultant on behalf of SIN SHIN ADVISORY PTE. LTD (EA License Number : 20C0267丨Company Registration Number : 201330910M), and BestTop Education Technology Limited (EA License Number: 64235).

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