Q: Do I need to pay? And when?

A: Yes, this is a chargable programme because we will need to cover admin fees and also mentoring workshops. You only need to pay after you have successfully confirmed placement in either the Innovation or Venture track of the programme; otherwise, you don't need to pay anything during application process.

Q: Are there any interviews for the internship in the Innovation Track?

A: Shortlisting and selection will be done by Sin Shin Advisory. However, host companies will still be having a short chat session to assess your fit for the company before the final offering process.


Q: When are the training sessions held?

A: Training sessions will be held in the first week of the program for the first 3 days. After that you can assess your fit for the track you have chosen and make a final change if you want to.


Q: Will there be any form of stipends or monetary compensation for the Innovation track?

A: This is essentially an unpaid internship. However, due to the extended duration, companies might be giving out rewards based on performance.


Q: What kind of calendar will I be following through this program?

A: Participants of this program will be following the Singapore calendar or the calendar of the host companies’ country for the Innovation track students and the working days of them.

Q: What are my expected commitment hours for this program?

A: For Venture track students, there will be assistance and meetings provided for you and your team to seek help from, other than that the commitment hours are actually quite flexible.


The host companies will expect you to commit for 25 to 30 hours per week for the Innovation track students.


Q: Will I receive mentoring from the host company that I am placed into?

A: Host company will be doing catch-ups and mentoring to ensure participants are well equipped with the technical skills and on schedule to finishing the tasks assigned.


Q: What will I be getting at the end of the whole program?

A: After the program, you will receive a Blockchain “Certificate of Completion” which is compatible with LinkedIn. For participants in the Venture track, you might even get the first round of investments from angel investors after the Demo day in the final week.


For participants in the Innovation track, you will get real-life work experience solving business problems for companies and for those that perform exemplarily, you will receive a recommendation letter written by the supervisors which will aid you in your future endeavours be it furthering your studies or finding a job.


Q: Where will I be doing the projects?

A: As this is remote, you can do it anywhere you are, be it at home or in your dorm. As long as you have a laptop and working internet connection, anywhere is fine!


Q: Can I only apply for 1 track or 1 project in the Innovation track?

A: Yes, you can only choose 1 of the tracks to work on. After the training in the first one you can make a final decision on which track to take. For those taking the Innovation track, even though you are able to have 3 choices of companies and projects, you will only end up be doing 1 as this will help ensure the quality of work produced.


Q: Will I be guaranteed a spot if I apply?

A: No. Selection and shortlisting are done on a rolling basis and once all positions are filled up there will be no more vacancies and registration will close. Therefore, apply fast!


Q: Will I only be doing what is listed in the assignments if I am placed in a company as an Innovation track student?

A: No, as participants will be aiding companies in the daily operations during these tough times, projects might differ or modify according to the needs of the company.

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