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Your Future Starts Here

Who are we

TalentLink is a social enterprise based and founded in Singapore. We are a young team dedicated to being a platform for youths to connect with companies and corporates worldwide. We hope that with our programs and online classes, we can turn our participants into global citizens with the skills and knowledge ready to enter any country and industry which they want to get into.


Feel free to contact us to know which programs we offer and what we recommend for you at your current situation! We are looking forward to have you with us on this journey to improve yourself!

Customized Study Programs


Global University Partners

100+ Partnered Companies



A program designed with the motive of empowering participants with more knowledge on a certain specific industry. Exclusively curated and totally customizable to the needs of the participants.

Study Tours

A program that provide skills development classes online for youths that are interested to up-skill themselves and have a competitive edge over their peers.

Online Classes


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