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 Trial Lesson 1


This course is a collaboration between BestTop and Springboard, which has 10+ years training experience focusing on equity research.


It comprises 10 hours of pre-recorded and live training on financial modeling and fundamental industry research.


Real-life project will be provided to apply the skillsets and we will use the report as the assessment for internship placement.

Structured Curriculum

Structured and practical learning on financial modeling and equity research

Live Q&A Session

Live Q&A sessions to address individual problems


Flexible Schedule

Flexible learning schedule at your own pace

Solve Real Problem

Application of essential technical knowledge to real-life project

Internship Opportunity

Chance to get 2023 winter internship positions for top performers

Success Stories

of Our Students

Trainee U

Image by Etienne Boulanger

Trainee U is an undergraduate from the University of Hong Kong who has shown excellent performance in the Polaris Equity Research course. As part of the course, he was given an internship opportunity at a Singapore financial company.


He went on to complete an internship with another financial institution; while these internship experiences have strengthened his resume, he applied for job positions with two financial buyers companies and got into the final round of interviews.


​Now, he has received a Full-time Internship offer from a leading international buyer finance company!


Ke Yan

  • Head of Research at DZT Research

  • 10 years of experience covering Asia equities

  • Sector analyst covering offshore & marine service, consumer, metal & mining, and healthcare

  • Strategist for holding company discount arbitrage, and equity capital market (ECM) deals

  • Masters of Computer Science under NUS-MIT Alliance

  • 10+ years in Equity Research sector

Learning Objective

Learn the essential accounting knowledge to understand financial statements.

Independently build financial model and calculate key financial ratios.

Conduct valuation on a specific stock and come up with buy/sell decisions.

Present professional stock pitch to pass technical interviews.

Understand the various career options relating to equity research.


Week 1: 

Build an integrated financial model on a listed company with industry standard.

Lesson 1 – Accounting 101
Acquire essential knowledge about accounting and financial statements.

Lesson 2 – Financial Data Preparation

Efficiently extract raw financial data from annual reports.

Lesson 3 – Historical Data Consolidation

Consolidate historical numbers into standardized financial statements.

Lesson 4 – Build Your First Financial Model

Format a financial model and calculate the key financial ratios.

Assignment 1

Live Q&A

Week 1 & 2 cover financial modeling, and week 3 covers equity research. Training sessions are conducted via online video so that you may learn it at your own pace.

Practical assignments are designed for each week’s training content, and you may practice your technical skills by comparing your work against model work.


Live Question & Answer sessions are conducted each week to provide immediate feedback and to address any problems encountered. Internship referral opportunities are provided for top performers for all the assignments.

2023 Training Schedule

It has a hybrid learning schedule where pre-recorded video and live Q&A sessions will be arranged to answer any problems encountered. You may follow your own schedules but you have to finish all the course materials before deadline. After completing the first phase,

students are required to pass the assessment so as to move on to the next phase.

There are two phases in the programme. Students have to complete both phases to be eligible for internship offer consideration.

Project Details

Real-life project will be provided to apply the skillsets and we will use the report as the assessment for internship placement. It aims to train the student the much needed skills as an equity investment research analyst.


Weekly practical assignments are designed, and equity research internship positions from Singapore-based financial institutions will be offered to top participants based on performance during the programme.

Upon successful completion of Polaris project tasks, candidates will be awarded certificate of completion.
You may include this into your resume as project experience and boost your chances in seeking for a job.



Any Questions?

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