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Q: Do I need to pay? And when?

A: Yes, this is a chargeable programme because we will need to cover admin fees and also workshops. You only need to pay the REFUNDABLE(refundable based on terms & conditions)deposit. You will only pay the full programme fee after you have successfully gotten the offer and confirmed your placement.


Q: How to refund my deposit?

After application, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 500HKD (refundable based on terms & conditions) For refund, ONLY those students that have chosen 3 companies and did not get any interview invite for any of their choices are eligible.

-IF you have received an interview invite and due to any reasons you decide not to attend the interview, the deposit amount will not be refundable.

-IF after the interview or in any point in time during the programme you decide not to proceed on with the programme, the deposit will also not be refundable.

-Deposit will only be refunded for students who did not receive any interview invites for the whole process of the selection and interview process.


Q: Are there any interviews?

A: Shortlisting and selection will be done by Sin Shin Advisory. However, host companies will still be having a short chat session to assess your fit for the company before the final offering process.


Q: When are the training sessions held?

A: Training session will be held during the programme period; more details will be given at a later date. Contact our staff if you need more clarification(


Q: Will there be any form of stipends or monetary compensation?

A: This is an unpaid internship. Companies might be giving out rewards based on performance.


Q: What kind of calendar will I be following through this program?

A: Participants of this program will be following the calendar of the host companies’ country and the working days of them.

Q: What are my expected commitment hours?

A: The host companies will expect you to commit for 25 to 30 hours per week.


Q: Will I receive mentoring from the company?

A: Host company will be doing catch-ups and mentoring to ensure participants are well equipped with the technical skills and on schedule to finishing the tasks assigned.


Q: What will I be getting at the end?

A: After the program, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion”. For participants that perform exemplary, you will receive a recommendation letter written by the supervisors which will aid you in your future endeavor be it furthering your studies or finding a job.


Q: Where will I be doing the projects?

A: As this is HYBRID, you can work remotely or on-site. You will need to apply for the Working Holiday Pass to commit to your internship in Singapore.


Q: Can I only apply for 1 project?

A: Yes, even though you are able to have 3 choices, you will only end up be doing 1 as this will help ensure the quality of work produced.


Q: Will I be guaranteed a spot if I apply?

A: No. Selection and shortlisting are done on a rolling basis and once all positions are filled up there will be no more vacancies and registration will close. Therefore, apply fast!


Q: Will I only be doing what is listed in the assignments?

A: No, as participants will be aiding companies in the daily operations during these tough times, projects might differ or modify according to the needs of the company.

Q: What is the process of Solaris?

Registration Structure.png

Have more questions?

Please drop TalentLink Team an email at

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