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Exclusively curated and totally customizable to the needs of the participants

Since 2017 February, we have organized and executed a total of 12 Study Tours program with the bulk of it being Career Exploration Programs which were designed with the motive of empowering participants with more knowledge on a certain specific industry.


Examples of schools that have engaged us before includes, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong etc. In total, we have around 10+ school partners all over the world.  We also have to thank our 100+ company partners that hosted the students for the company visits and industry insights that were shared!


Main components of our Study Tours:

  1. Industry Workshops

  2. Self-improving Soft Skills Workshops

  3. Company Visits

  4. Executive Dialogue & Industry Insights

  5. Networking Opportunities

Green Port Study Tour
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School Partners

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Partnered Companies

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