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15 December 2021


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What is Lunaris

Lunaris provides students with valuable industry experience through virtual company internship.

During the virtual internship, students are required to complete real-life projects in areas such as business consulting, market research, IT, and more.

Training workshops and industry mentor guidance are in place to facilitate the internship experience.

Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of Lunaris.

Lunaris Journey

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Virtual Company Attachment

Abstract Building



Company Attachment

Lunaris projects are officially crafted by participating companies. Students will directly liaise with company supervisors and make real business impacts as an intern.


Professional Training

Students will receive professional training from TalentLink about soft skills and technical skill sets so as to be well prepared for the company internship attachment.


Mentor Guidance

TalentLink closely works with industry mentors from top firms who are able to offer customized guidance on company internship and career development.

Abstract Building

Training Session

The programme fee involves a training workshop on one of the topic below.
Training session to be conducted during your internship programme.

*commencement of each class may be subjected to demand


Workplace Culture in SG
Workplace Communication

Personal Branding

Excel Skills at Workplace

Career Development:
Resume Writing

Career Development:
Interview Skills


Virtual Internship Experience

with TalentLink

"It’s been my pleasure and a great chance for me to learn during this 3-months internship programme. The schedule, the difficulty and coherence of tasks, and the collaboration of the team were a great match for me. The form of remote internship provided me with great flexibility in terms of balancing assignments, school work, and personal life.”

"TalentLink’s Internship Programme has broadened my horizons and allowed me to exercise some new skills. I have met colleagues from different places around the world and made some new friends. This programme helped me attain my first internship with assigned tasked aligned with my major of study. At times I was even provided with the opportunity to try new things outside of work. It was an overall fantastic experience.”

"TalentLink’s Internship Programme was better than expected! I have developed a good number of technical skills and the proper mindset to thrive in a professional environment.  The amount of knowledge gained from this internship is beyond expectations. I have developed interpersonal skills and can confidently say that I have grown as an individual throughout the course of the internship.”

"Despite the internship being held remotely, I have met a lot of industry experts from Singapore and Hong Kong, who have provided valuable insights for me through our conversations. I have also gained both communication and technical skills in this programme. My assigned tasks were helpful towards building the foundation of my future career.”


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