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Business Analysis - Company X Experiential Learning

As part of the Business Analysis team, you will analyse current business and consumer trends, conduct competitor analysis, and even have the opportunity to provide strategic recommendations.

In this program you will learn key skills such as market research and analysis. This programme will take about 4-6 hours to complete.

How the Virtual Experiential Learning Programme works:

  1. After registering for the Virtual Experience Programme, you will be able to view the task which you have to do. There will be resources provided to help you complete the task.

  2. After submitting your work, you can review the model answers to see how well you’ve done.

  3. You may email if you face any issues when completing the tasks.

Task 1

Analyse business and consumer trends in the industry of Company X and submit a report that summarises these business trends.

Task 2

Identify competitors, analyse their business strategies, and submit a report that summarises your findings

Task 3 (Bonus)

Suggest recommendations to improve on Company X's current business strategies. These recommendations should be based on the findings in Tasks 1 and 2.

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