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Q: Do I need to have a growth marketing background?

A: No prerequisite knowledge is required. Anyone who is interested in growth marketing can attend.

Q: How long is the commitment hours for this course?

A: There are around 5-hour video training contents. The total commitment hours actually depend on how much time you put in on the project tasks. The average timing of commitment to complete this whole course will be around 10-15 hours.

Q: What’s the spoken language for the delivery of the course?

A: English will be the primary language used.

Q: Are there any examinations in this course?

A: No, there are only weekly assignments to be completed as part of a problem statement. 

Q: Do I need to form a group to join this course?

A: No, assignments are individual. You are more than welcome to ask your friend along!

Q: What are the timing for the lessons? What if I cannot make it?

A: Lessons will be pre-recorded and sent to you. The total learning hour is about 5 hours. You can attend the lessons and watch the videos at your own convenience.

Q: What can I get after completing the course?

A: TalentLink will be issuing a certificate of completion. For those applicants that did a really good job, they might receive a recommendation letter from the partner company. You can write this experience down in your resume as project experience, but you should not state this as an internship.

Q: If I am currently not in Singapore can I join?

A: As this is an online course, you can join wherever you are as long as you have a computer, working internet, and the willingness to learn.

Q: What can I achieve out of this course?

A: Growth marketing knowledge, technical skills needed to survive in the marketing industry and also a real-life research project which you will be doing and can be added into your portfolio.

Q: Any programmes or apps I need to download?

A: You will need to install Zoom for the Q&A session. TalentLink will use our own learning management system to share course contents. You will also need a Gmail account, as the videos will be posted on YouTube.

Q: How do I know if I am suitable for this course?

A: If you are interested to find a job in the digital marketing industry, looking to upgrade your skillset and increase exposure, this will be suitable for you.

Q: Are there any attendance requirements for this course?

A: Participants are required to submit their project tasks weekly. Failure to do so might result in dropping out of the course.​​​

Q: Are there any government funding supports available?

A: No, there is no government funding support available. However, we do have a discount available. Please contact us for more details!

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