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3 Ways To Overcome Setbacks In A Career Switch

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

Maybe you’ve tried switching your career, but you feel like you are getting nowhere. Even after months of trying, you still can’t seem to find a job. You start to doubt yourself and you wonder if you’re even good enough.

Or maybe you’ve managed to land a job in a new industry, but you are not doing as well as you wanted to. All your coworkers are moving up the ranks but you are just remaining stagnant.

Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone! Even though professional failure is common, it’s often less talked about. That’s why it may seem like everyone is doing well in life, but many are actually struggling with work problems of their own!

According to a Monster article, over 75% of Singaporeans plan to switch careers due to reasons like wanting to become more skilled in other areas and wanting better career advancement opportunities.

During a career switch, it is inevitable for many to bump into problems along the way. After all, looking for or navigating a new career path can be tricky and scary! Here are 4 ways you can overcome setbacks in a career switch:

1. Accept your failure.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not the end of the world! Accept the current situation you are in and allow yourself to move forward. You will eventually get back on your feet again or find a new job. Don’t let one failure define you for the rest of your life! Instead, try to think about the positives of the situation. For example, even though you failed after taking a risk, give yourself credit for taking the risk and trying in the first place!

2. Reflect on the setback faced objectively and improve yourself.

After giving yourself time to accept your failure, it is important to objectively analyse the situation and embrace the feedback or criticism you received. Figure out what went wrong and work towards improving yourself so that the same situation will not happen again.

If you are lacking knowledge in the new industry you want to get into, try upskilling yourself by taking up some courses. If you find yourself struggling to communicate well during interviews, practise some common interview questions before the interview to articulate better.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

3. Get help from others to make your next career move!

Seek advice and support from people who are successful in the field you wish to enter! Try to learn from their mistakes and tackle specific problems you’ve faced thus far. You can also try networking with others in the industry to gain more insights. Finally, it is key to plan your next career move in life. Think carefully about what you want to do next and why before you make a clear plan on how you are going to get there!

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