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4 Types Of Keywords To Add Into Your Resume

Resume is an important tool for us to display our skills and achievements. This can then help employers make hiring decisions and possibly land us our first interview! However, employers have a huge number of resumes to go through which means they will not actually spend a lot of time specifically going through every little detail. In order to capture their attention, there are certain keywords that we have to include.

Here are some of the keyword ideas that can help you improve your resume!

1. Action Verbs

These words may seem simple, but they are very crucial to leave an impactful impression on your employer.

2. Skill Words

It is definitely a must to include skill words in your resume to show your employers that you have the necessary capabilities.

3. Amidst all the words, numbers can stand out and capture your employer’s attention. Furthermore, numbers are a direct and easy way to showcase your accomplishments.

4. Lastly, some companies require skill set specific to their industry. Hence, it is crucial that we take note of the job requirements and include the criteria they are looking for in our resume, when applicable!


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