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6 Proven Tricks To Stay Focused At Work

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1.Create a planner

Plan your hourly routine to avoid procrastination and enhance prioritization.

Other than notepads or planners, outlook or Google calendar should be able to set a timely reminder for the next task/meeting. Some of our top recommended app to use while using a planner: Google Calendar, Calendars, Minimalist & TimeTree

2. Listen to music

By listening to a much slower tempo music can improve your performance at work especially if you're performing a repetitive or monotonous task that requires little thinking.

Although listening to music helps to blocks out distractions and improve focus, it may take up attentional capacity as well. Moderate listening will still help you to focus better. Recommended playlist for Spotify:

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3. Stay organized

Start by organizing your workstation to avoid any unnecessary distraction. Keeping your workspace clean and tidy will definitely benefit you in a long run.

Most of the time, our brain focus on the things in front of us and a messy workstation will definitely influence our focus. Tip: You can find cheap post-it notes in Daiso at an affordable price of $2!

4. Take short break

Research has suggested that taking a short break, not more than 30 mins will help you perform better than those without.

It re-energises your brain and allows you to think further ahead. An excellent suggestion would be taking a walk down the park for 10 - 15mins.

5. Create deadlines

One of the reasons that you might not be focused at work could be the lack of pressure.

Try setting a dateline for your work and you will feel a sense of urgency which makes it easier to get into the state of flow.

6. Sleep early

Last but not least, research has shown that having 7 - 9 proper hours of sleep will improve your ability to focus.

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep also helps you to focus for longer periods of time without your getting distracted easily.

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