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7 jobs you’ve probably never heard of

It is common for us to be advised by others to choose some of the typical careers to earn a good income. However, do you know that there are many more options out there that you’ve probably never heard of?

Here are the seven unique jobs that will blow your mind!

Mermaid Performer

Photo by mo jo on Unsplash

People who enjoy swimming and are good at holding breaths are most suitable for this job. The performers put their legs into a nearly 16-kilogram silicon mermaid tail, dancing like a real mermaid in the water. Although mermaids usually receive good pay for performing in aquariums and private parties, the training courses for becoming a professional mermaid can be very costly.

Bed Tester

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

If you like to spend your day in bed, this might be a dream job for you! What you have to do as a bed tester is taking naps on the bed to test the comfortability of the blanket, pillows, and mattress. A bed tester needs strong communication skills to prepare a report on the prototype they tested. Often, bed manufacturers and hotels hire a bed tester to ensure that their beds meet a certain standard.

Panda Nanny

Taking care of the pandas all year round is what a panda nanny does. As reported by China Daily, the benefits of being a panda nanny include free use of an SUV, free meals, and free housing. If you are an animal lover, this can be the most incredible job you could ever imagine. Even though the qualifications for this job are not very high, it is highly competitive, and the job is quite restricted to China and several Asian countries.

Professional Bridesmaid

While weddings are a joyous occasion to celebrate, planning a wedding is never an easy process. Usually, the bride chooses to hire professional bridesmaids as her assistant to relieve her stress. The bridesmaids have a significant role in planning the wedding, including choosing wedding dresses, setting up the venue, and compiling guest lists. The bride can enjoy her big day to the fullest as the bridesmaids would make her job much more manageable.

Face feelers

Photo by Supply on Unsplash

Like what the name suggests, face feelers are professional testers for facial products, such as razors, facial cleansers, and other skincare products. For example, a newly developed razor will first be tested to shave a person's face, then a face feeler will test the smoothness of the razor by touching the shaved face. Although it might sound easy, one needs to be extremely sensitive to every tiny change in the skin in order to become a professional skin feeler.

Professional line-stander

Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

If you are a person who hates queueing but is desperate to get that newly launched iPhone, maybe it’s time to hire a professional line-stander. The job scope for these line-standers is simply waiting in a long queue to get what their clients want. Although the rates vary, most of the professional line-standers are satisfied with their earnings.

Chicken sexers

This is another interesting job which many people would have never heard of before. Chick sexers are responsible for identifying the sex of a chick very quickly. Usually, they work in large poultry farms where lots of chicks are hatching each day. As female chicks could produce eggs and are deemed more valuable, they will be fed differently from the male chicks. The chicken sexers usually receive a decent salary since chicken sexing is not a simple task.

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