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The best exam preparation hacks you should know

It is near the exam period for university students again, have you started revising? Besides studying hard, we should learn to study smart. In today’s blog, we have compiled 5 useful revision techniques that will assist you in preparing better for your exams. Check them out now!

Find the right study method for yourself

We all learn differently. Some people retain information more effectively by making their own notes, drawing mindmaps, having group discussions, or doing practice papers. Try to recall from your past experience, how have you studied for a test that you did well in the past? If you are unsure about the answer, you may take an online VARK Questionnaire to discover more about your learning style.

Plan ahead

Make a revision schedule by writing down what you intend to do for each day. Having a visual representation of your revision plan can help you stay on track and complete your revision without panicking the night before the exam. However, don't overburden yourself by filling up all your time with revision. Plan yourself some breaks in between each study session to stay motivated.

Choose the suitable music

For those who do not prefer studying in silence, listening to some soft, instrumental music might be a good option. Songs with lyrics may sometimes divert your attention away from your study material. However, it depends on your personal preference, sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find what type of music works for you. Maybe you will find it easier to focus when listening to nature sounds, such as ocean waves, sparkling fire and rain.

Stay away from distractions

You may wish to mute your phone during study times to avoid being interrupted by the notification sound. When something breaks your concentration, it takes a while to get back on track. A clock may be helpful to prevent you from constantly checking your phone for the time, because we cannot always resist checking unread notifications and messages. You can also download Study APPs such as ‘Forest’ to manage your screen time.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

In the revision period, it is easy to overindulge in caffeine and junk food, which is less time-consuming but can increase your anxiety level. Try eating a healthy, balanced diet that will enhance your energy level. Take a walk or play sports with friends. It will reduce exam stress and help you remain focused. Besides all these, getting sufficient sleep will definitely help you to concentrate better and boost your memory.

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