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What are some side income opportunities?

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Previously, we shared some tips to save your first 100K before the 30s and mentioned that picking up a side gig might be a good choice. Today’s blog will provide some suggestions for side income opportunities that can help you reach your saving goal. This content will also be helpful for those who simply wish to increase their purchasing power! Now, let's get started:

1. Get a tutoring job

In Singapore, tutors are in high demand and are paid well. Since our education system can be pretty competitive, parents are known for being “kiasu” (a Hokkien term for “fear of losing out”) to ensure that their children score well in school. According to a poll done by the Department of Statistics, it is non-surprising that Singapore households have spent a total of S$1.4 billion on tuition in 2018.

Here is a list of tuition rates for your reference:

Tutoring primary school students: S$20-25/ hour

Tutoring secondary school students: S$30-35/ hour

Tutoring JC students: S$50-70/ hour

If you are a teacher with the MOE, the charge will be S$20-50 higher.

2. Babysitting

This might be a good side gig for you if you enjoy spending time with children and taking care of them. There is always a need for babysitters because most young parents are busy working. Tell your relatives and friends about your babysitting business; they would be keener to hire someone they know. Moreover, as young kids sleep a lot, you can have plenty of your own time while making income.

3. Pet-sitting

If you are an animal lover, this could be an ideal side income opportunity for you. It is often possible for pet owners to be too busy with work or travel abroad, so they would need someone to take care of their pets. While pet sitting, you should play with the pets, clean up after them, and take them for walks. Meanwhile, you get the chance to exercise and have fun!

Typically, the rate for these services varies between $10 to $45 per hour. Pet boarding is around $30 per day.

4. Become a part-time tour guide

Are you someone who enjoys talking while others listen attentively? The good news is that Singapore is a popular tourist destination, so it's a great way to make some money by becoming a tour guide! Although the course is usually around 6 months, you will earn S$250 to $S600 for every 4 hours! It is necessary to complete the course offered by a SkillsFuture-approved training provider and obtain the General Tourist Guide Licence by passing the exams.

5. Emcee

You may not expect this to happen, but Emcees are usually paid from S$500 to a few thousand to host an event. If you are born to be an excellent public speaker, this would be your great opportunity. Before you start, what you will need to do is sign an agreement with an agency and practice a little. You can also spend your SkillsFuture credit on some of the emceeing courses to become a more professional Emcee who is worth a higher pay!

6. Freelance designer

Would you consider yourself more of a graphic designer or a web designer? Both are demanded by businesses that own a website. Prices can vary depending on the type of design, but some web designs can cost as much as S$1000 per project. With the knowledge of some digital designing tools, you can earn money through them any time anywhere.

One important thing to note is that you shouldn't push yourself too hard to earn a side income. Try to find something that you enjoy doing in your free time while getting yourself recharged and making money!

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