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Business Analysis @ Company X
Task 3 -Suggestions & Recommendations (Bonus)

Through this task, you will complete a report on the recommendations and suggestions for business strategies. This is a bonus task that is optional. There will not be any model answer provided.

If you need any help, please email and we will assist you from there.

Background Information

You are part of Company X’s Business Analysis team and have been approached by your supervisor, Thomas, who wants to better understand the business landscape that Company X is in. This will be particularly helpful for the company in understanding the current business trends in the industry, so that we can better serve our customers. Additionally, this will also help us to understand how we compare to other competitors in the market, allowing us to establish business and marketing plans that will help us to stand out from other competitors.


Here is some background information about Company X that Thomas has given to you:

Founded in __, Company X aims to …

The current business goal is to …

Your Task

Well done on completing the tasks! If you are still up for the challenge, we have an additional bonus task for you. Based on your findings from Tasks 1 (Current business trends) and Task 2 (Competitor analysis), please come up with suggestions and recommendations on improvements for Company X’s business strategies.

Your recommendations should be feasible and creative, based on what you have gathered. Please justify your recommendations, and elaborate on them (you may even come up with an action plan or timeline if you’d like!).

No model answers will be provided for this task. However, your submitted work will be handed over to Company X.

Submit Your Work

Please make a genuine attempt at your work.

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If you have any feedback regarding this task, please leave them below.

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