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Information Technology Projects

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  Please DO NOT apply to projects that are already (Full)


Company description:

AxeHedge is a technology platform that educates and enables global investing with zero commissions. We do this by employing a no-code approach, simplifying workflows, and adopting a user-friendly experience for investors.


Assignment detail: 

Product Management (Fintech Mobile App)
Scopes: Collaborating with stakeholders on: product roadmap, requirements gathering, user stories, gap analysis, metrics/data analysis, UAT.


Preferred skill:

  • Analytic skills

  • Both oral & written communication skills

  • Critical thinker

  • Multitasks

  • Organized

  • Passion about finance/technology products.



can be: slides, word report, data sheet, dashboard, model...

Working arrangement:


Company description:

Coin Ultimate Trading, also known as Coinut, is the most secure Canada and Singapore crypto exchange platform that supports exchanges of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum with fiat currencies Singapore Dollars (SGD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD). Established in 2013 by Xinxi Wang and Tao Huang, Coinut (Coin Ultimate Trading) was specially designed for a secure, faster, and easier process for anyone to trade cryptocurrency.
As a highly trusted Canada and Singapore crypto exchange platform, Coinut dedicates itself to providing plenty of features for users to trade, sell, and buy crypto in Singapore and Canada. 


 Assignment detail: 
Software Engineer Intern

  • Developing applications (coding, programming)

  • Debugging and testing code

  • Documenting and testing new software applications

  • Researching, investigating and fixing a wide range of technical issues

  • Collaborating with senior leaders

  • Approaching problems and creating solutions

  • Proactively learning about new technologies


Required skills:

  • Communication

  • Integrity

  • Independence

  • Detail oriented

  • Team player


Deliverables: Communication, integrity, independence, detail oriented, team player

Working arrangement:


螢幕截圖 2022-10-06 下午11.27.06.png

Company description:

We are a healthcare technology company and we aim to better the health of workers and community.


Assignment detail: 

  • Health research projects

  • Design of health tech app


Preferred skills:

  • Health research

  • App development

Deliverables: Report and presentation and model for project 1,
presentation and model for project 2

Working arrangement:



Company description:

We were funded by Singapore Govt initially to replicate our Founder's capability at BlackRock.  On the public market side, we work with large financial institutions to create digital assets on closed-end fund style share classes on a growing slate of our strategies in 5 global markets issued by a licensed entity, which has been posting outperformance at significant margins over human managers with statistical validation in a Springer-Nature publication. On the private market side, we have asset-backed security and principal-guaranteed note programs. We work with Germany's top applied R&D institute to bring German tech in energy process control to produce green hydrogen with committed cash flows from investment-quality corporate buyers.  These are then distributed as digital assets based on chaincode written on for instance Hyperledger Fabric to secure EXEMPT status in markets such as Japan under ERC-721.  Or some financial institutions prefer to "Do It Yourself" by buying our analytics platform, which will be coming soon on AWS Market Place.


Assignment detail: 

  • Depends on the student's capability.  Check   E.g. if there is a task that will take a full-timer 2 hours to complete, we can assign to a student who may take 5 and our team member spends a hour to teach him/her, that's still a win-win.  

  • We have many exciting tasks that will be solid experience on your resumes.

  • However, pls do understand that they are not super simple and we have to be confident that with trial and errors the student can get somewhere.  

  • We welcome taking on 2~3 students with professional maturity who want to describe solid experience on his/her resume:  1 marketing type, data science type, 1 coding type.


Preferred skills: 

We are flexible but generally related to data science and basic programming.


Deliverables: Code

Working arrangement:



Company description:

Housing rental platform early startup based on blockchain technology


Assignment detail:

  • Frontend UI/UX Web/App development (reacts) or backend (nodejs)

  • Blockchain related development

  • English to Chinese translation


Preferred skills:

  • Web/App developing skills

  • Backend coding skills

  • English/chinese translation skills


Deliverables: codings, table translations

Working arrangement:


Company description:

WealthCX uses AI to convert financial market data and news information to auto generate text, images and video for banks and brokerages. Our solutions are routed in behavioural economics to nudge and influence retail investor activities.


Assignment detail:

This will be a group project building an Admin Control GUI and Web Services for WealthCX auto-generating text, image and video tool. This will be a web-hosted application that will allow our brokerage and banking customer users to edit, schedule, deliver and analyse the digital communication they have with end user recipients. 


Preferred skills:

  • 3x Front-End or Full-Stack software engineering

  • 1x UI/UX experience


Deliverables: Fully completed Admin Control GUI and Web Services, Fully written Application Services Guide, Presentation on collaborative effort to complete project

Working arrangement:

Optional Logo 2022-02.p

Company description:

Stories of Asia (SOA) is an Asia-focused storyteller incubator that seeks to empower the Asian community with a voice through storytelling. Whether it’s by telling their stories through videos, podcasts or written content, or holding workshops that help you tell your story yourself; we are passionate about the craft of storytelling. 


Assignment detail: 
Software engineer

  • we will teach the future of coding without code, specifically using to make a website.


Preferred skills:

  • Proactive and skill related to their job


Deliverables: small feature going live for software engineer

Working arrangement:



Company description: PlanHouse is a WeChat Mini Programme focused on community activities and social interaction. At PlanHouse, we bring together opinion leaders from different communities and young people with common interests, so that everyone can be connected through interesting, healthy and positive offline community activities. We are creating a unique "House" for users to discover community activities and build online-to-offline social connections. Platform products provide more convenient and efficient overall management tools for the initiators of community activities, and grow their own communities through our platform.

Assignment detail:

  • Familiar with and able to complete small program development independently

  • Familiar with JS, CSS, REACT, taro experience is preferred

  • Experience in UX and UI


The product team is looking forward to new partners to accelerate the iteration of the product after the launch

Working arrangement:



Not Applicable

These positions are managed in collaboration with Tony Jin (EA Reg: R2095123) and Daniel Kang (EA Reg: R21100630), the specialist consultant on behalf of SIN SHIN ADVISORY PTE. LTD (Singapore EA License Number : 20C0267丨Company Registration Number : 201330910M) and  BestTop Education Technology Limited (Hong Kong EA Licence No. 64235)

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