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 ESG Career Kickstarter Programme

Lesson will begin on 8th May 2023

 Trial Lesson 1

Unsure whether Polaris is suitable to your needs? Fret not, watch the free trial session to get to know more about the course and mentor!


Welcome to the online ESG Career Kickstarter Programme! This course will provide an overview of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in Finance. You will learn about the major trends in ESG investing and how these trends are changing the way financial institutions operate. 

The Masterclass comprises 5 sessions of pre-recorded videos and live training. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the importance of ESG and how it shapes the investment landscape. 

Praticial project will be provided to apply the skillsets and we will use the report as the assessment for internship placement.

Course Fee: $599


Structured Curriculum

Structured and practical learning on key technical skills in Investment Banking


Live Q&A Session

Live Q&A sessions to address individual problems



Flexible Schedule

Flexible learning schedule at your own pace


Solve Real Problem

Application of essential technical knowledge to practical project


Internship Opportunity

Internship positions open for top performers

Learning Objective

Understand the role of ESG in Finance and the major trend

Gain knowledge of key ESG factors and integrating into investment analysis 

Understand the ESG Disclosure and reporting and succeed in the thriving ESG career 


  • CFA, Certificate in ESG Investing

  • Awarded Young Social Entrepreneur

  • Expertise In: Market Research and Analysis, Financial Modelling and Forecast, Strategic Business Planning, and Sales Support on the Technical Front

Valerie Law

Valerie Law has worked as sell-side analyst and as an investment strategist in wealth management divisions (CIO office) and financial advisory firms. In her last role as Research Team lead, she led the development of in-house research products and deals database, which monetized quickly.


Valerie has been awarded Young Social Entrepreneur for an outdoor social enterprise she started back in University, to promote public awareness for science, nature and environmental issues. She has also conducted financial literacy workshops for SGX and corporates. After obtaining IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking – Team Essentials certificate, she believes that better solutions for ESG issues can emerge through a hands-on project involving problem-solvers from diverse backgrounds. 

2023 Training Schedule

The Masterclass comprises has a hybrid learning schedule where pre-recorded video and live Q&A sessions will be arranged to answer any problems encountered. You may follow your own schedules but you have to finish all the course materials before the deadline. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the importance of ESG and how it shapes the investment landscape.

Practical assignments are designed for each week’s training content, and you may practice your technical skills by comparing your work against model work.


Live Question & Answer sessions are conducted on week 3 and week 5 to provide immediate feedback and to address any problems encountered. 


Week 1: 


Introduction to key terminologies & milestones 
Key differences between Social, Impact, Sustainable, Traditional investing
ØOpportunities and Challenges in ESG Investing
Overview of Various Roles and Skills needed

Assignment 1

Project Details

Practical project will be provided to apply the skillsets and it aims to train the student in the much-needed skills in ESG.

Upon successful completion of Polaris project tasks, candidates will be awarded certificate of completion.
You may include this into your resume as project experience and boost your chances in seeking for a job.


Any Questions?

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