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Curriculum Details


  • Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

  • 7+ years in consulting/ tech/ industrial sector

  • MBA from Yale School of Management

  • Masters of Science from Georgia Tech

  • Graduated from NUS with 1st class honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Learning Objective

Learn management consulting skillsets - keys to getting competitive advantage on career growth.
Work on real busienss project from leading venture firm - apply what you have learnt into practice.
Interact with McKinsey consultant through live Q&A and feedback session - identify areas to improve and close the gap.


Polaris comprises of recorded video courses, live Q&A sessions, and weekly project tasks, and all of these are taking place online. The video courses are pre-recorded and are split into bit-size clips according to curriculum. Weekly project tasks are also assigned weekly and students are required to complete the task within that week. Live Q&A sessions will be organized to enable students to ask questions.

Week 1

  1. Consulting Interview Preparation

    • Introduction & Demystify management consulting industry

    • Tips for Personal Experience Interview (PEI)

    • Typical case structure

    • Tips for case interview

  2. Case Exercise Walkthrough

    • ABA insurance ( structure, math and recommendation)​

  3. Industry and accounting basics

    • Industry basics (Banking, Oil and Gas, Pharma and etc.) for framework

    • Accounting basics

Online Shopping

Project Details

As retail experiences evolve globally, there has been a significant growth in online purchases. In these turbulent times, the world of e-commerce becomes adaptable to the changing needs of consumers and ever changing business environment. In addition, COVID-19 has seen a growth impulse for e-commerce, with increase in digital penetration and uptake in consumer sentiment to shop online. It also dramatically impact certain industries, created new opportunities for direct consumers and e-commerce players. It is important to understand the market dynamics under the new normal and outline the strategy to capture the rising e-commerce opportunities.

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