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5 Common Data Analyst Interview Questions

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Knowing that Data Analytics is in demand, the next step to landing a job in the industry is an interview! Many say getting an interview is like half the battle won. However, it is critical to set yourself apart from your fellow competitors.

Hence, it is important to know what are some questions that you may be asked during a data analyst interview. With this knowledge, preparation beforehand can increase your chances of getting the role!

To start off, you must understand that a data analyst interview is more technical than a common job interview. The interviewers will want to know how you can value-add to their company, what you will do in certain situations that arise and how you solve problems etc.

Here are 5 common data analyst interview questions you should know:

1. What are the key requirements for becoming a data analyst?

This question allows the interviewer to test your knowledge and find out if you have done your research. The interviewer wants to know how interested and well-prepared you are for the interview.

2. What are the problems that a Data Analyst can encounter while performing data analysis?

This is a critical data analyst interview question you must take note of. Recruiters ask candidates this question to assess the experience level of job candidates. Even if you lack job experience or have not met with any problems on-the-job, it is important to be honest! Remember to prepare beforehand to know what are some problems a data analyst can encounter and how to overcome them. By doing that, you will seem prepared, and leave a good impression.

3. What do you understand about our business and how would you measure the business’ performance?

This is a very commonly asked question as your interviewers would want to know how much you know about their company. By asking this question, they are able to immediately find out if a candidate has done enough research and how interested they are in the job role. Hence, it is very important to do in-depth research to find out more about the company, their business model and the problems that they face. To further impress your interviewer, you can talk a little bit about how business performance can be improved.

4. If you run an ecommerce site, how do you measure the effectiveness of its Search feature?

Recruiters ask questions like this to test your on-the-spot thinking skills. If you need time to think, be honest and ask for a few minutes to consolidate your thoughts. The last thing you want to do is panic and contradict yourself or give an answer that is totally irrelevant.

5. What numbers should I show that best make sense in the data report?

An analyst is more than a technical position. An analyst should have both business and technical skills to excel. A question like this tests your ability to present your data. Not many organizations will hire you if you can only review data sets and extract useful information. Companies value candidates that can present data in a way to make better and more beneficial decisions.

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