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5 Tips For Work From Home

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are trying to adapt to work from home (WFH). Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while remaining productive has become a challenge as the situation prolongs. Therefore, we have compiled 5 tips to relieve your stress and create a pleasant WFH experience!

1 | Designated Working Area

Appoint a specific space as the working area to prevent slacking at home. Sitting in this area would stimulate your brain to think that it is time to work, thereby increasing your overall productivity. This way, you are more likely to resist the temptation of grabbing something from the fridge or getting onto the bed.

2 | Organise Your Space

Establish a peaceful environment by cleaning your working area and arranging the clutter on a daily basis, preferably after completing the day’s work. Get an aromatherapy diffuser to fill the air with a fragrant smell as this can help you relax and recharge. If you face anxiety, do try out the lavender fragrance that works well to calm your emotions.

3 | Communicate

Reach out to your colleagues or boss whenever you encounter a challenge at work. Understandably, you might be hesitant to contact the same person multiple times because you cannot tell if they are annoyed. However, remote working is unavoidably communication-intensive. Your co-workers are facing the same challenge and would understand your situation. Remember, talking over a phone call or video conferencing is always more efficient than just texting.

4 | Stay In Touch

It can be lonely working from home if you don't stay with your family, especially during lockdowns. Try to call a friend or family member to talk about your feelings; this will effectively ease your loneliness and level of anxiety. If you are experiencing negative emotions, reach out to a mental health professional if necessary.

5 | Clear Work-life Boundaries

Clearly define your working time and stick to the routine. Once you have finished the daily tasks, leave the working area and get back to life.

Make sure you have enough time to rest, exercise, and interact with your loved ones. Resist the urge to check on work during your personal time.


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