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6 Things you should never do in a job interview

Getting an interview means you are halfway towards getting your desired job. However, you have to know what are some things that can go wrong during an interview, which will affect your chances of getting the position. In today’s blog post, we have compiled 6 things you should avoid doing in a job interview.

1. Be late or too early

We all know that being late for an interview is inappropriate as it would leave the interviewer with a bad first impression. However, we also advise against arriving more than 10 minutes early, because the interviewer might be pressured to finish whatever he was working on to start the interview. In the event that you are too early, waiting outside the building will be a wiser choice.

2. Not doing any research

Meeting all the job requirements will not guarantee that you’ll get the job. Employers are not interested in job seekers who know nothing about how the company operates. It is always helpful to check out the company website and get familiar with their products, services and missions. Further research into the company's industry will be helpful as well.

3. Inappropriate body language

Do not avoid eye contact with your interviewers even if you are nervous, because it might be misunderstood as a sign of unsureness or deception. Your hands should not be fiddling with items on the desk since it may make you seem uninterested in the conversation. Be sure to sit straight, maintain good eye contact, and give a firm handshake to your interviewer.

4. Go into personal stories

You should not use sob stories about your family or other unfortunate circumstances in life to express how much you need the job. Getting emotional in a job interview would often eliminate your chances of getting hired. The purpose of the interview is to assess why you should be hired based on the company’s needs rather than your own.

5. Ask about the pay and benefits

You should ask about the salary and vacation only after receiving the job offer. During an interview, discussing such matters doesn't help the recruiter in getting to know you better and it will leave a bad impression. Furthermore, if you have confirmed your salary during the interview, it will greatly reduce your chances of negotiating for a higher salary later.

6. Doing nothing after the interview

Whether or not you have done well for the interview, a simple follow-up email will earn you extra points. In the short email, thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate your interest in this job. In addition to demonstrating your sincerity, it also leaves a deeper impression on the interviewer compared to other candidates.

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