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6 Types Of Interviewers & How To Deal With Them

Most of us may have come across different kind of interviewers in the midst of interviewing for jobs. But do you know what should be the right way to deal with them?

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Today, we have gathered the different type of interviewers and, based on psychological methods, how we should deal with them.

1. The Introvert

Identity: Speak very fast, stuttered and feel nervous. Not very good with small talk.

2. The Friendly Interviewer

Identity: Smiling all the time, Will crack some joke or make small talk in between.

3. Mr Know-it-All

Identity: Calm and will always ask you theoretical and situational questions

4. The Observant & Details Oriented

Identity: Dress neatly, always taking down notes, very attentive to small details

5. The Busy

Identity: Messy attire, late for interviews, missed-out the schedule, always rushing for time

6. The Arrogant

Identity: Impatient, Aggressive, Opinionated, Straightforward. Cross arms, slouch on the table, hands on the cheek.

Please do note that these are just guidelines and not a true representative of anyone.

We hope you identify the key characteristic of most of the interviewers and how to manage their expectation. Good luck with your interview!


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