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The best career for each Enneagram type

Have you heard of the Enneagram type? Like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Enneagram is also a widely used personality indicator. It can be difficult to make the right career choice when considering many personal factors - thus the Enneagram may be helpful for you to learn more about yourself. In fact, even the CIA uses the Enneagram to learn about the world leaders.

In light of these, we have compiled some common characteristics of the nine Enneagram types and listed the most suitable career paths that each type should consider. Enjoy reading!

1. The Reformer

Discipline and self-control are the hallmarks of the Reformer. They are the most rational type of people who follow clear rules at work. While Reformers aim for high standards, they can sometimes become critical and perfectionistic in their approach. Furthermore, they prefer jobs that provide a clear picture of how well they are performing. The ideal jobs for the reformers are; Attorney, Accountant, Manager, Auditor, Architect.

2. The helper

The helpers are known for being warm, sincere, and empathic. They are kind, friendly, caring, and definitely the kind of person you would like to be friends with. However, due to their sentimental nature, jobs that require them to constantly reject others will hurt their feelings. The helpers are suitable for jobs that can make the most of their warmth and the ability to empathize with others. Such jobs would be; Teacher, Therapist, Blogger/vlogger, Nurse, Social worker, Sales Representative.

3. The achiever

The achievers are energetic and active, which makes it more likely that they have multiple careers going at once. They have a natural sense of competitiveness and strive to be the best in anything they do. The achievers are not being “kiasu” (afraid of losing), they simply feel valued for their accomplishments, which may, in turn, inspire others to work harder. They will be satisfied with a career path that enables them to advance in a defined manner by hard work. The achievers are best suited for these jobs; Journalist, Producer, Sports/entertainment agent, Entrepreneur, CEO, Marketing director.

4. The Individualist

Individualists are expressive, sensitive, and creative. They love jobs that allow them to unleash their creativity and express themselves. Individuals appreciate their bosses setting clear expectations, but they rarely go beyond those expectations unless they are passionate about this job. Boring repetitive jobs are definitely not for the Individualist! The ideal jobs for the Individualists are; Artist, Designer, Writer, Social media manager, Advertising, Counselor.

5. The Investigator

The Investigators are fueled by their strong desire to gain more knowledge about the world. They are probably the most introverted type out of all the others. They require alone time and will feel like they are losing their energy if they spend too much time in a group. Hence, Type 5s need to find jobs that allow them to have time and space on their own as well as avoid those that require them to speak publicly. Such jobs would be; Engineer, Researcher, Scientist, Web Developer, Mathematician.

6. The Loyalist

The Loyalists are known for their need for safety and security. They would prefer jobs that assure them steadiness rather than one that involves risk-taking. The Loyalists worry a lot, so they have a hard time quitting a job that makes them feel miserable, but provides lots of structure and support. They are extremely meticulous people and as their name suggests, they will be very loyal to the group/organization they trust. The most suitable careers for them are; Analyst, Teacher, Lawyer, Dentist, Business Manager.

7. The Enthusiast

Enthusiasts are very interesting people who bring happiness to the crowd. They tend to become bored very easily which is why they often make spontaneous decisions to experience new things in order to spice up their lives. That being said, a mundane work life with repetitive tasks every day will definitely be a nightmare for them. Hence, the best careers for them are Travel Writer, Actor, Photographer, Small Business Owner, Fashion Blogger, Chef.

8. The Challenger

The Challengers are strongly independent and present a confident image to others as they fear and hate to be seen as vulnerable. They often take up the role of a leader as they prefer authority rather than having others telling them what to do. Type 8s know what they want in life and will work towards their goals even if it means conflicts. The best jobs for them are; CEO, Politician, Real Estate Agent, Financial Advisor, PR Director.

9. The peacemaker

As their name suggests, Type 9s are generally the mediator within a group. They are gentle, down-to-earth, and are able to get along with others easily. The peacemakers are supportive in nature and they will build a great sense of teamwork in their working environment. As they often try to avoid conflicts, the peacemakers may take longer to quit or speak to their boss if they don’t like their workplace. With such a harmonious attitude, the best careers suited for Type 9s are; Counselor, Social Worker, Therapist, Teacher, Yoga Instructor.

If you do not yet know what your enneagram personality is, click on the link below and start doing the free test. Do remember to comment and share with us your result!

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