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What Are The Best Jobs For Your DiSC Personality Type?

Do you feel like your current job does not suit you at all? Maybe you feel like trying out another job, but you are not sure if it will really suit you better.

Don't fret, here is your solution!

Like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the DiSC model is another commonly-used personality indicator that can help you to better understand your personality type and the jobs best suited for you.

The DiSC model is created by Wiley and the acronym stands for the 4 main behavioural styles as shown below:

  • D: Dominance

  • i: Influence

  • S: Steadiness

  • C: Conscientiousness

The 4 main personality types are as follows:

The Leader is a person, whose main behavioural style is “Dominance (D)”, who is individualistic and focused on achieving results. Although Leaders are confident and outspoken, they may come off as blunt, intense and demanding. They work quickly and make decisions objectively to achieve success.

In the workplace, The Leader tends to gravitate towards positions of power and thrives in fast-paced environments. Leaders prefer working with motivated team members who will allow them to either take charge or work independently. Although they are extremely efficient, they can be too competitive or impatient.

The best jobs suited for Leaders include CEO, entrepreneur, executive, lawyer and police officer.

Friendly and optimistic, The Motivator’s main behavioural style is “Influence (i)”. Motivators love interacting and building new relationships with other people. They always seem easy to approach with their relaxed and casual manner.

In the workplace, Motivators enjoy persuading others using their verbal skills and offering creative ideas. They thrive in collaborative environments that allow them to express their creativity and be spontaneous. However, Motivators may need to be held accountable when they get too distracted socialising with others.

The best jobs suited for Motivators include PR manager, designer, realtor, travel agent and musician.

The Supporter’s main behavioural style is “Steadiness (S)” because they always remain calm, patient and respectful. They are extremely empathetic and will patiently listen to the needs of others to help anyone in need. Although Supporters are very considerate of the feelings of others, they can be too passive or non-confrontational at times.

In the workplace, Supporters prefer calm and predictable collaborative environments that allow them to do stable work. They thrive in positions that allow them to help and have daily interaction with others to build long-term trust.

The best jobs suited for Supporters include HR manager, therapist, counselor, nurse and customer support.

Reserved and logical, The Analyst’s main behavioural style is “Conscientiousness (C)”. They solve problems objectively using an analytical and fact-driven approach. Analysts can sometimes be too sceptical and caught up in their own deep thoughts.

In the workplace, Analysts prefer positions that will allow them to have enough time to be accurate and precise to produce high-quality work. They enjoy working independently in workplaces with established rules and processes.

The best jobs suited for Analysts include software engineer, actuary, investment analyst, software developer and data scientist.

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