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Business Analysis @ Company X
Task 1 - Business & Consumer Trends Analysis (2-3 Hours)

Through this task, you will complete a report on the current business trends in the industry. Please follow the instructions provided, and complete the task in order to unlock the model answer.

If you need any help, please email and we will assist you from there.

Video Instructions

Watch this video and hear about your task.

Background Information

You are part of Company X’s Business Analysis team and have been approached by your supervisor, Thomas, who wants to better understand the business landscape that Company X is in. This will be particularly helpful for the company in understanding the current business trends in the industry, so that we can better serve our customers. Additionally, this will also help us to understand how we compare to other competitors in the market, allowing us to establish business and marketing plans that will help us to stand out from other competitors.


Here is some background information about Company X that Thomas has given to you:

Founded in __, Company X aims to …

The current business goal is to …

Your Task

Firstly, you should analyse business and consumer trends in the industry of Company X and submit a report that summarises these business trends.


Research on new trends in the eyes of Company X’s consumers, and back up these claims with evidence from credible sources. While there is no limit on the number of business trends that you can state, please elaborate on the ones that you have chosen to include in the report.

Your report can include:

  • Evidence / statistics from credible sources in the industry to back up your claims;

  • Reasons for the rise of these trends;

  • Explanation on how these trends are relevant to Company X and our customers (contextualise the trends to local field if they are global trends);

  • Suggestions on some possible implications of these trends to Company X;

  • Graphs or charts to support your claims and help with visualisation.

Some information regarding the recent sales at Company X can be found under the Resources section below, you may choose to use the information there to draw ideas or back up your claims.

Your report should not be longer than 4 pages long. Please submit your report in a .pdf file below in order to unlock the model answer provided by us.


Download the following files to help you with your task:

Submit Your Work

Please make a genuine attempt at your work.

Select File

Model Answer

Model answer will only be available to you after you have submitted your work.


If you have any feedback regarding this task, please leave them below.

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