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Career Pathways Program


July - August

Registration Closed

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand different career options and the essential career development skills which are key to getting started on careers in Singapore;

  2. Work on real problem statements by company in Singapore to apply knowledge into practice;

  3. Opportunities to get internship/traineeship from participating companies.

About this Event

TalentLink is a social enterprise based and founded in Singapore. We are a young team dedicated to being a platform for youths to connect with companies and corporates worldwide. We hope that with our programs and online classes, we can turn our participants into global citizens with the skills and knowledge ready to enter any industry.


The program is powered by National Youth Council. The program consists of a series of workshops and opportunities to get internship/traineeship from participating companies. The participants will also get guidance from industry mentors every week after the workshops.

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Training Workshop

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Team Project

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Group Mentoring Session

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Internship Placement

Programme Flow

Market Research

2 July, 2PM - 4PM

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Topic: Market Research

Programme Flow:

2:00 - 2:20: Why Market Research?

2:20 – 3:15: How to design a Market Research project?

3:15 – 3:45: How to execute a Market Research project?

3:45 – 4:00: What an entry level role is like and career opportunities

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Digital Marketing

16 July, 2PM - 6PM

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Topic: Digital Marketing

Programme Flow:

2:00 - 2:30: Basics of Digital Marketing and Take Control of Your Online Presence
2:30 - 3:00: 4 Step Framework For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

3:00 - 4:00: Best Practices of Google Digital Marketing Tools such as Google My Business, Videomaking and Graphic tools such as Canva
4:00 - 5:00: Basic of Analytics Measurement

5:00 - 6:00: Closing Remarks

Data Analytics

23 July, 2PM - 6PM

Image by Max Chen

Topic: How to find a job as a Data Scientist

Programme Flow:

2:00 - 3:00: Introduction to Data science
3:00 - 4:00: How to become a data scientist

4:00 - 5:30: Hands on practice with Python
5:30 - 6:00: Q&A session

Mastering Consulting Toolkit & Understand Management Consulting

30 July, 1PM - 5PM

Image by charlesdeluvio

Topic: Mastering consulting toolkit and understand management consulting

Programme Flow:

1:00 - 1:45: Introduction to consulting (Module 0) 
1:45 - 2:30: Consulting Toolkit (Module 1)

2:45 - 3:30: Consulting Toolkit (Module 2)
3:30 - 4:45: Capstone project

4:45 - 5:00: Q&A session


Content Creation, Personal Branding

2 July, 10AM - 12PM

Image by Patrik Michalicka

Topic: Supercharge your personal brand with Storytelling

Programme Flow:

10:00 - 10:30: What is Personal Brand
10:30 - 11:00: Why is it important
11:00 - 12:00: How to supercharge your personal brand

How to Stand Out From All of the Other Candidates

6 July, 1PM - 5PM

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Topic: How to Stand Out From All of the Other Candidates

Programme Flow:

1:00 - 2:00: Identifying your unique selling proposition in 5 easy steps
2:00 - 3:00: Tips for making your LinkedIn profile/CV stand out

3:00 - 4:00: Tips for building relationships with employers
4:00 - 5:00: Live LinkedIn profiles audit & suggestions


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Find Your Compass

16 July, 9AM - 1PM

Image by Roman Kraft

Topic: Create a future you love

Programme Flow:

09:00 - 0930: Introduction + My Story
09:30 - 10:30: LU 1 - Map your personal lifeline
10:30 - 11:30: LU 2 - Discover your gifts and passion
11:30 - 12:30: LU 3 - Living your life with purpose
12:30 - LU 4 - Integrate your "Why" into your professional and personal life

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Mentor - Workshops

Market Research

2 July, 2PM - 4PM


Annie Yao

Global Account Management, Ascential Digital Commerce

Annie currently partners with Ascential’s global accounts, to help them navigate the constantly evolving digital commerce landscape and achieve their growth targets with actionable strategies and insights.


Annie previously built and led teams in Mintel that support her clients to future-proof their innovations with consumer insights and category foresights; she’s also a choice-modelling expert at Nielsen that help her clients grow their businesses with concept, portfolio and price optimisation.

16 July, 2PM - 6PM

Digital Marketing
WeChat Image_20220530134757.jpg

Elton Kuah

Founder of Enrich Social Media

Elton Kuah is an entrepreneur with working experience in B2B market research, digital marketing, and data analytics. He is the founder of Enrich Social Media, a digital marketing agency mainly to serve B2B, SAAS and ecommerce related businesses.

In his entrepreneurship career, Elton have won competitions such as the Online International Summer Camp on E-Commerce in Greater Bay China, which his team got the first prize which his whole team prize donation is donated to help uplifting the livelihood of farmers in Fencing Province, Yunnan, China and US-Asean Organization Innovation Challenge under the challenge title "How to address the lack of access to early-stage funding” as the challenge winner.

Data Analytics 

23 July, 2PM - 6PM

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James Yan

Senior Data Scientist, Tencent

James is an experienced data scientist in internet industry with a focus on large scale machine learning, recommender system, fraud detection and data-driven strategy making. 

James has been taking the lead in developing various modules and features in our daily used digital products, such as Lazada, TikTok and WeChat, using state-of-the-art machine learning/deep learning algorithms. He is passionate on enriching our lives using technology.

Management Consulting

30 July, 1PM - 5PM

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Mambu, Principal -
APAC Strategy and Advisory

Tengfei is Mambu APAC's Principal Advisor. Prior to joining Mambu, Tengfei worked as an Engagement Manager with McKinsey, with over 10 years in consulting and technology industry, focusing on digital strategy and implementation. Previously as a core member of McKinsey financial service and digital practice, Tengfei helped to design and drive digital transformation for banks and fintechs in Southeast Asia. He has extensive functional experience in customer experience redesign, product strategy, and large scale digital transformation. 


As one of the core members of Mambu’s Advisory in APAC, Tengfei and his team aim to bring unique knowledge to clients to help them carve a path through complex operational challenges. They facilitate access to new customer segments or markets, define digital product roadmaps, identify ways to improve product flexibility or simplify business architecture.

Communication, Content Creation, Personal Branding

2 July, 10AM - 12PM


Sam Neo

APAC Top 10 Employer Branding Consultant | Global Keynote Speaker | Tech Storyteller | SHRI Awards Leading CEO 2021 | Podcast Host 

Sam Neo is currently a founder of 3 start-ups. The first being People Mentality Inc, one of APAC's top 10 HR and Employer Branding consultancy firm that helps organizations become an Employer of Choice. His second company, Stories of Asia, is a Storyteller Incubator that was set up to empower the Asian community with a voice through storytelling. Finally, his latest tech venture, StoryBuddy, is an AI-powered storytelling tool that seeks to change the way people communicate and create content

Sam is an HR professional with accelerated experience in market-leading companies such as Keppel Corporation and Changi Airport Group. His burning passion for HR has seen him take on a diverse range of roles in areas of Employer Branding, Talent Management, Business Partnership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement among others.

Communication, Content Creation, Personal Branding

2 July, 10AM - 12PM

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Content Manager at Stories of Asia

Sara is the Content Manager at Stories of Asia. She believes in the power of storytelling to build your personal brand and leverage opportunities in your career. With a background in various media spaces, such as public relations, video creation, magazine publication, content creation, and social media, she is passionate about crafting stories to unlock opportunities and create growth.


To elaborate, her main strength is in storytelling to achieve one’s goals, whether it's to gain new sales leads, recruit talent, grow a user base, or establish one’s branding and presence.


She has also worked with clients such as Under Armour, Diageo, Great Eastern, and DesignThinkers Academy, to help build their branding — telling stories via articles, videos, social media campaigns, and more.


Sara has also facilitated educational workshops and focus groups for research studies to help youths improve their skills in media, education, and public speaking.

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How to Stand Out From All of
The Other Candidates

6 July, 1PM - 5PM

Joe Escobedo - Bio Photo.jpg

Joe Escobedo 

CEO of Esco Media

Joe Escobedo is the author of “Asian Growth Stories“. He has advised and trained over 12,000 executives from around the world, from countless Fortune 1000 brands, on building brands and growing revenue through digital.


He is a former LinkedIn content marketing consultant, advising the Company’s top clients across Asia Pacific. He has been a contributor for Forbes, Inc, HuffPost and other top-tier media. His articles have garnered over 1 million views. He is a digital marketing and social media marketing lecturer for the world’s top ranked universities including ESSEC.

Find Your Compass

16 July, 9AM - 1PM

WeChat Image_20220531135846.jpg


ICF Certified Coach

Daphne has a natural desire to seek deeper insights and co-create new possibilities with her clients. As an ICF certified coach, she has supported more than 200 individuals to find their personal roadmaps and live out their best selves. She is actively involved in coaching, particularly in supporting professionals to create fulfilling career paths, achieve work-life efficiency, master emotional resilience, and build rewarding relationships.

Daphne’s key strength as a Coach lies in helping individuals to connect to their true internal inclinations, and in turn, achieve a sense of fulfilment in the work that they do. She has a reputation for being a good listener and is able to address deeper emotional issues with her clients.

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Programme Structure

Training Workshop

Image by Chris Montgomery

There are 7 live workshops, each lasting up to 4 hours. All these activities are taking place online. Each student will receive a LMS login detail upon successful registration, and we will use the LMS to manage all activities.


Students are expected to attend all the workshops to learn the latest and necessary trends of the current market. 

Team Project

Image by Headway

After successful registration, students will be grouped into teams, with 4 members in each team. They will work on a team project which simulates the real business problem.

When assigned a group, student will received an email regarding on the information of the assignment. 

*Assignment/Group Project cover a real-scenario project that reflects general career knowledge (eg. market research & more) 

Group Mentoring Session

Image by Kenny Eliason

We will invite youth mentors from different backgrounds to guide students in groups. There will be about 20 mentors and each team will be offered 6 mentoring sessions, with each lasting for one hour. And the mentoring sessions are scheduled right after each training workshop.

After being assigned a group with your teammates, your group will be paired with a mentor and you are required to schedule a mentoring sessions with the mentors. The mentors will be able to help or assist with any group project or career related questions.

Internship Placement

Image by Marissa Grootes

After the group assignment and workshop, students will be given a choice to express their interest in the internship segments. If you are interested in the internship programme, we will offer a selection of choices for the companies that you are able to intern based on the resume and performance. This can be regarded as reward for the students to receive internship offer.

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