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Application Dateline:

17th October 2021

For The Full Course:
17th October 2021

Lesson Starts On:

18th October 2021

Do you wish to start a career as a management consultant?

Even if you have no prior knowledge of consulting background, you can still start by signing up for this course as a stepping stone to a management consulting career.


  • Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

  • 7+ years experience in consulting/tech/industrial sector

  • MBA from Yale School of Management

  • Master of Science from Georgia Tech

  • Bachelor from NUS with 1st class honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Learning Objective

Learn management consulting skillsets - keys to getting competitive advantage on career growth.
Work on real business project from leading venture firm - apply what you have learnt into practice.
Interact with McKinsey consultant through live Q&A and feedback session - identify areas to improve and close the gap.


Polaris comprises of recorded video courses, live Q&A sessions, and weekly project tasks, and all of these are taking place online. The video courses are pre-recorded and are split into bit-size clips according to curriculum. Weekly project tasks are also assigned weekly and students are required to complete the task within that week. Live Q&A sessions will be organized to enable students to ask questions.

Phase 1

  1. Consulting Interview Preparation

    • Introduction & Demystify management consulting industry

    • Tips for Personal Experience Interview (PEI)

    • Typical case structure

    • Tips for case interview

Polaris Journey

Register by 17th October 2021

Complete weekly video courses and assignments

Attend live Q&A sessions to ask any industry-related questions

Submit final report to receive a certificate of completion

Top performers will receive project opportunity

Online Shopping

Project Details

As retail experiences evolve globally, there has been a significant growth in online purchases. In these turbulent times, the world of e-commerce becomes adaptable to the changing needs of consumers and ever changing business environment. In addition, COVID-19 has seen a growth impulse for e-commerce, with increase in digital penetration and uptake in consumer sentiment to shop online. It also dramatically impact certain industries, created new opportunities for direct consumers and e-commerce players. It is important to understand the market dynamics under the new normal and outline the strategy to capture the rising e-commerce opportunities.

Structured Curriculum

Structured and practical learning on Venture Capital firm industry

Live Q&A Session

Live Q&A sessions to address individual problems

Flexible Schedule

Flexible learning schedule at your own pace

Finish Assignment

Complete the weekly assignment to check your knowledge



The top performers of the class will have project opportunity


Upon successful completion of Polaris project tasks, candidates will be awarded certificate of completion.
You may include this into your resume as project experience and boost your chances in seeking for a job.

Past Masterclass Review

"Great walkthrough for the homework assignment and leaving us plenty of options to explore the material more in-depth by ourselves."

"It covered a wide range of the basics of Python and provided relevant examples to explain. The overall presentation and contents are easy to understand and easy to pick up. 

Looking forward to more complex and flexible usage of Python in data analysis."

"The lessons on Bloomberg and other databases are really useful for me. Even though I cannot have any hands-on experiences by using Bloomberg Terminals, these knowledge and demonstration can help a lot to build a good foundation for my future career!"

"Personally, I find the lessons interesting as it shows us the approach in which consultants uses to solve problems. The live session with Mike's sharing also helps us to know more about the consulting industry, which can be quite difficult to do so unless you know someone in the industry itself."

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